3 things husband and wife absolutely do not share even though they are madly in love

HPV is the culprit that causes many dangerous gynecological diseases for both men and women. There are 3 items that should be avoided to avoid the risk of infection.

HPV virus is the leading cause of dangerous gynecological diseases. HPV is transmitted in many ways, one of which is by sharing objects.

Newlyweds both discovered HPV infection

Ms. Ly, 27 years old get married After a while, she and her husband both discovered that they had acne around the delicate area. They went to the doctor to find out that they were both infected with HPV virus.

Doctors said that both Ms. Ly and her husband were infected with HPV and had genital warts due to sharing personal items, which are towels.

The doctor also pointed out that HPV is not only transmitted by sex between men and women, but also by sharing furniture, especially things such as clothes, towels, towels…

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Here are 3 items to avoid sharing:

The first item is a towel

Towels are household items that are easy to breed bacteria, so they should be used by everyone, even if the couple is close.

Especially hard towels, when used can scratch the skin, some small viruses will take the opportunity to penetrate the scratched skin and cause skin and mucosa infections.

Especially when using towels of people infected with HPV, it is very easy to spread this virus.

The second item is a pair of chopsticks

Many people have the habit of using their own chopsticks to pick up others or share chopsticks, which is very easy to cross-infect each other.

The reason is because chopsticks easily contain a lot of bacteria and pathogens that can be transmitted through contact with chopsticks. If you use chopsticks after being exposed to an infection, it can also cause an infection in the mouth, possibly even spreading the HPV virus.

The third item is a toothbrush

Sharing toothbrushes can cross-infect many diseases, including HPV.

According to research, toothbrushes often contain pathogenic bacteria and viruses such as staph, E. coli, and Pseudomonas…

You can get periodontal disease, or oral herpes (which causes cold sores) from a toothbrush you share while you have a cold sore. If your gums bleed and bacteria get into your bloodstream, you’re even more at risk for hepatitis, HIV, and many other infections.

In addition, HPV can also be transmitted through items used by an infected person such as nail clippers, biopsy needles, small clothes …

Doctors show 3 ways to improve immunity and eliminate HPV virus

Supplementing immune nutrition to eliminate HPV

People with HPV should try to add more fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat to ensure a balanced amount of nutrients. This is the way to support some immune nutrition.

Make sure to get enough sleep to boost immunity

Women It is recommended to ensure 8 hours of sleep per day. This helps people feel refreshed and full of life, thereby helping the body to better eliminate the HPV virus.

In addition, with such a good and relaxed mood, it is possible to help improve immunity and inhibit the reproduction of the virus.

Always stay positive

Emotions have a great influence on human health, especially when the body is sick. If you have negative emotions, insecurity is not good for your body’s health, thereby causing anxiety and insomnia. At this time, the body’s metabolism will also slow down, the immune system will decrease, the elimination of HPV virus is also difficult.

Note for patients

Although HPV is dangerous, it can clear itself if our resistance is high. Therefore, in order for this to happen quickly, you should keep a happy, optimistic and positive mood.

Besides, remember that even if we live in the same house, no matter how close we are, there should be things that are privately owned.

Avoid sharing towels, face towels, toothbrushes, etc. Be a little careful to protect yourself, and also a way to keep your loved ones safe.

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