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Difficulty sleeping because of strange places, how to fix?

When going to a strange place, such as going travelwe are often very difficulty sleeping in the early nights. This is a very normal thing. Some tips can help make it easier to fall asleep.

Our bodies have circadian rhythm with a 24-hour cycle of sleep and wakefulness. The body will work best when the sleep schedule is in line with the circadian rhythm health Livestrong (America).

But when we go to a strange place, we can still have trouble falling asleep whether or not we have the right circadian rhythm. The reason is our evolutionary mechanism. Sleep is when humans and animals are most vulnerable to predators in nature.

When at home, it is easier for people to sleep because it is a familiar environment. But when we go to a strange place, our brains are put on alert for potential dangers, so it is difficult to fall asleep, explains Dr. Michael Breus, an American sleep expert.

Many people often find it difficult to sleep at night when they arrive in a strange place


Fortunately, there are a few methods that can help you fall asleep in a strange place.

Sleep on time like at home

When we go to a strange place, such as travel or business, our schedule will be different from usual. You may end up hanging out more, eating later, and many other problems.

To make it easier to fall asleep, try to maintain the same eating and sleeping habits as you would at home. For example, eat dinner on time, avoid eating late because this will negatively affect sleep. Everyone is also taking advantage of the time to sleep at the same time as at home.

Bring familiar objects

When you go to a strange place, bring something familiar that you often hug or use when you sleep. It could be a pillow, blanket, towel, socks or pajamas.

Bringing these familiar things to bed will make it easier to fall asleep. Because these things will send signals to the brain that you are in a familiar place and not dangerous.

Avoid using electronic devices before going to bed

To sleep better, people need to avoid using electronic devices such as phones, tablets or laptops near bedtime.

In addition, you can also turn off the lights in the room, pull the curtain to prevent street light from entering the room. These artificial lights are not good for sleep, according to Livestrong.

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