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Almost lost his hand because of the ‘3 generations of snakebite’ healer, this is the thing to note when suffering from snakes

Doctor Nguyen Cat Phuong Vu, City Children’s Hospital (HCMC) said, the victim is a 7th grade male student living in An Giang. At the time of admission, her hand was necrotic and the infection had spread,

The family said that the male student went to the forest to cut bananas and was bitten by a snake in his left hand. According to observations, this is a viper (also known as cobra and moth snake) – an extremely venomous snake species in the Mekong Delta and Cambodia border forests.

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Hand necrosis after 6 days of snake bite.

The wound continued to bleed even though the mother sucked the venom, using a glove to compress the area above the bite. Her family took her to a local healer specializing in snakebite treatment for three generations. After 3 days of dressing, the wound reduced pain but became infected, did not heal, but spread blisters.

Skin bruises appear all over the body, body aches, abdomen and left chest are numb. Suspecting that snake venom was still spreading, the victim was transferred directly to the City Children’s Hospital (HCMC).

At that time, it was the 6th day that I was bitten by a snake, and my hand was necrotic. Doctors and nurses urgently cut, sterile bandages, analgesia, antitoxin transfusions and various serums and blood products to correct coagulation disorders.

According to Doctor Phuong Vu, fortunately the victim was treated in time. After 3 days of treatment, the condition stabilized.

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The viper, also known as the indigo snake, has venom that causes blood clotting disorders.

Doctors recommend that, in case of being bitten by a venomous snake, it is necessary to call the emergency number for the nearest hospital. While waiting for medical help, first aid steps should be taken:

– Keep calm and limit movement, immobilize the bitten limb with a splint, slow the spread of venom.

– Remove jewelry and loosen tight clothing to avoid compression.

– Position yourself so that the bitten area is below heart level, for example lying down, even while being transported to the hospital.

– Clean the wound with soap and physiological saline;

Use a clean, dry gauze to cover the bitten area.

In particular, it should be noted that do not arbitrarily apply snakebite treatment by oral or folk methods, which can make the situation more serious. Besides:

– Do not use garo bandages tightly tied to the bitten area, this way both hurts the victim and hinders blood circulation to the extremities causing necrosis, which is very dangerous;

– Do not arbitrarily apply cold, apply chemicals, apply leaves … on the wound.

– Do not cut, puncture the wound or attempt to remove the venom as this can cause serious infection.

Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages or alcohol because it speeds up the body’s absorption of the venom.

– Do not try to catch the snake, but remember its color, shape and attack method so that you can describe it to the doctor. The snake can be photographed from a safe distance for identification.

In all cases of snake attack, it is necessary to bring the victim to a medical facility as quickly and safely as possible. Treatment with a specific antivenom should be carried out for at least the first 12 hours. If left for a long time, the treatment results will be very poor or ineffective.

Linh Giao

suyt mat ban tay vi tin thay lang 3 doi tri ran can day moi la dieu luu y can phai lam a6b0549ba49a45a483b4b6efb2d13b53

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