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Warning of severe sequelae after staphylococcal infection in children

According to information from the Department of Pediatrics, Hung Vuong General Hospital, the department has just received 2 cases of children with staph infection with severe osteomyelitis complications.

The doctors said: Staphylococci are Gram-positive, aerobic bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus is the most causative agent; often causes skin infections and sometimes pneumonia, endocarditis, and osteomyelitis.

Warning of severe sequelae after staphylococcal infection in children - Photo 1.

The patient had a severe complication of osteomyelitis. Photo: BVCC

Some strains produce complex toxins that cause gastroenteritis, scaly skin syndrome, and toxic shock syndrome.

Subjects who may have staphylococci include:

– Newborns and breastfeeding mothers.

– Patients with influenza, chronic lung disease, leukemia, tumors, chronic skin disorders, diabetes, burns.

– Patients with implants, prosthetic materials, other foreign organs, or plastic endovascular catheters.

Patients taking adrenal hormones, radiation, immunosuppressive drugs, or anti-cancer chemotherapy.

– Patient has chronic kidney disease and is being treated with dialysis.

– Patients with incisions, open wounds, or burns that result in the patient being exposed to antibiotic staphylococci from other patients, healthcare workers, or items in healthcare facilities.

Symptoms and complications:

– Abscess, boil, cellulitis: the skin is inflamed, red, swollen, hot, painful, or has pus.

– Empyema of the pericardium, endocarditis: valvular warts, high fever for a long time.

– Pleural effusion, empyema, pneumonia: There are abscesses on both sides of the lungs, spotty infiltrates, and pleural pus.

– Osteomyelitis, arthritis: poor mobility, above bone or joint inflammation, heat, swelling, redness, pain.

– Sepsis: often occurs in patients with staphylococcal infections from the beginning such as boils, pneumonia, osteomyelitis, bacteria from these foci spread into the blood.

– Food poisoning: abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea.

– Septic shock syndrome: intoxication, high fever, low blood pressure.

– Peeling syndrome: rash on infected skin, then blisters and blisters burst, leaving a red layer of skin that can peel off when gently pulled.

Doctors of Pediatrics recommend: People who have the above symptoms need to go to the doctor immediately for timely treatment.

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