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LG shakes hands with musician Bui Cong Nam to help shape a healthy lifestyle

Up to now, perhaps the name Bui Cong Nam as a singer-songwriter is not too strange for music lovers and the general public. Just turn on the TV to watch any favorite program, or auto-play a list of standard videos on Youtube, you will easily encounter Bui Cong Nam’s very own voice somewhere in a few TVCs of famous brands. language.

Bui Cong Nam’s compositions often have a youthful, cheerful style, always with an optimistic spirit and strong cohesion. Although he only uses simple, sometimes “popular” lyrics, his music always has its own color and just needs to be heard to know, heard through is remembered. Recently, Bui Cong Nam also continued his relationship with LG in a new video clip promoting LG Dualcool 2022 air conditioner with many outstanding improved features.

The continuing handshake between LG and Bui Cong Nam brings a cheerful tone, colorful images and most importantly conveys a completely new concept.

Originating from the scene where a family with insomnia “scows” together for bacteria and viruses in the air – an impossible task, LG and Bui Cong Nam introduce an easier solution to protect the health of the whole family. , that is LG Dualcool air conditioner. With the phrase UVnano mentioned throughout the song, many people are curious, so is this a new concept, a new technology integrated on LG’s super air conditioner launched this year?

It is known that UVnanoTM (integrated technology is limited on some air conditioner lines) This is a big plus that helps LG’s new generation of air conditioners improve the ability to disinfect and inhibit pathogens right from inside the indoor unit before blowing it out to the outside environment. Specifically, present inside the LG Dualcool air conditioner indoor unit are LED lights capable of emitting UVC (short-wavelength ultraviolet) rays that break the core DNA of microorganisms (bacteria/molds/ virus), effectively inhibiting bacteria up to 99.99% (Test results are based on TUV laboratory conditions and standards after 4 hours using UV LEDs).

In fact, after a period of operation, the layer of dust and bacteria will stick to the air filter and fan blades, not only reducing the efficiency of use but also spreading bacteria accumulated in the air conditioner. UVnanoTM LG’s technology is considered the most modern technology today to control the existence and prevent the production of pathogens present inside the machine without affecting the health of the user, as well as the environment. surrounding school. This technology helps families to safely use the air conditioner regularly with clean air from the inside out.

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With the maximum sterilization activity, UVC light plays a role in almost completely resolving the groups of bacteria, viruses and molds present in the air from inside the machine before being ejected to the outside environment.

In addition, the efficiency of LG Dualcool air purifier is also thanks to the filter structure with 5 steps to take care of specific purposes. Specifically, LG Dualcool 2022 (product code APFUV) filter structure includes: Primary filter (capture coarse dust particles); Fine dust filter technology (removing 99.9% of PM0.1 ultra-fine dust); Anti-allergy filter (removes airborne allergens); UVnano lampTM (removes bacteria at the blower to 99.99%); Automatic cleaning (the blower automatically cleans, prevents bacteria and mold).

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The specialized filter structure of LG Dualcool air conditioners (different depending on model) provides higher air filtration efficiency, giving the whole family peace of mind because they are not disturbed by pathogens in the air.

For the APFUV series, the PM1.0 sensor mounted on the outside of the body automatically measures the level of dust and pollution in the air, immediately activating the air purification feature when it detects pollution. In particular, for the advanced advanced version LG Dualcool APIUV with Plasmaster™ Ionizer++ technology (plasmaster ion gas purification technology), the air conditioner is capable of releasing 10,000 billion ions, neutralizing 99.9% of bacteria. , virus. Compared to its predecessor, which released 3,000 billion ions, the LG Dualcool 2022 series brings more breakthrough technology with 3 times the number of ions, improving the effectiveness of inhibiting harmful agents.

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With the dedicated care of LG Dualcool air conditioner, from now on, the whole family no longer worries about pathogens in the air, comfortably enjoying the moment of reunion.

Shop for a modern air-conditioner and air purifier that improves the quality of your living space today! If you are using household air conditioner products from LG, you can refer to the company’s free maintenance program this month:

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