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The US did not test a powerful anti-satellite missile

Missile launched from the USS Lake Erie of the US Navy aimed at a decommissioned satellite in 2008. (Image: CNBC)

Specifically, the US pledged not to conduct tests anti-satellite missile is so destructive that it can create a large amount of debris in orbit and endanger astronauts and destroy satellites. This is the statement made by US Vice President Kamala Harris on April 18, several months after Harris said at a meeting in December 2021 that officials at the White House National Security Council would Working with the Pentagon, State Department, and others to develop a proposal for a national space security code of conduct.

Thus, the US is the first country in the world to make this commitment. The AP news agency (USA) said that many White House officials said the decision was intended to underscore the hope of setting new standards for military action in space.

US Vice President Kamala Harris also called on other countries to make similar commitments. At the same time, Ms. Harris said, the US would work to make such commitments a “new international norm for responsible behavior in space”.

The US did not test anti-satellite missiles with great destructive power - Photo 1.

US Vice President Kamala Harris. (Photo: AP)

According to statistics, from the 1960s to the present, anti-satellite missile tests in space have created more than 6,300 pieces of debris. To date, 4,300 of this debris is still floating in space, posing long-term threats to human flight, scientific missions and national security, and economic development in future of space.

The US has strongly criticized Russia and China for conducting anti-satellite missile tests. However, 14 years ago, the US launched an interceptor missile from a US Navy warship to destroy a malfunctioning spy satellite.

Russia in November 2021 launched a rocket that destroyed a satellite from the former Soviet Union that is no longer working. This event produced more than 1,500 pieces space junk. AP reported that in 2007, China also conducted a similar test, creating many pieces of space waste. In 2008, the US tested an anti-satellite missile, and in 2019, India also carried out the same action, but aimed at satellites at a low altitude, about 420 km.

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