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Casio watches up to 50% off at 3000 Mobile World stores

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 18:00 PM (GMT+7)

Japanese watches that cost only 197k are not quality? But no, the reason for this price is because Casio watches are being discounted up to 50% on the occasion of Mobile World’s breakthrough with 3000 watch stores nationwide.

Casio watches up to 50% off at 3000 Mobile World stores - 1

Casio MQ-24-7E2LDF men’s watch has a minimalist design with a promotional price of only VND 197,000

As the leading retailer in Vietnam, The Gioi Di Dong is constantly striving to develop to bring customers a quality experience in both products and services. Thanks to that, only 3 years from the day the first Mobile World supermarket opened to sell watches, this retailer has grown strongly with nearly 3,000 stores The Gioi Di Dong and Dien May Xanh selling watches. nationwide firm.

Casio watches up to 50% off at 3000 Mobile World stores - 2

Sticking with the watch industry in Mobile World since the early days, the representative of Casio distributor in Vietnam also congratulated on this occasion.

It can be seen that over the years, Mobile World has not only contributed to making it more convenient for customers to choose from nearly 500 diverse Casio models available at the system, with peace of mind with after-sales mode, but also enjoy buying. Shop with great deals. Following that with this special occasion, the retailer strongly “sells the floor” up to 50% for all watches under 3 million, 30% for the rest of the products and the flash sale program for all products. watch brand. Including Casio with many fashion models, Japanese quality standards but the price is only from 197,000 VND, accompanied by a flexible return policy, genuine 1-year warranty, lifetime battery replacement… This is a rare occasion. -hard-to-find to buy yourself a genuine Casio watch at a very comfortable price, accompanied by attentive after-sales service.

Casio watches up to 50% off at 3000 Mobile World stores - 3

Casio Baby-G models are popular with women thanks to their pretty and easy-to-match looks

In addition to the basic Casio watch models, there are 4 outstanding product lines of this brand: G-Shock “tank” with a unique color blend, Baby-G converges the world of colors with healthy lines. Strong, Sheen brings the elegance of the metal bracelet design, while the elegant Edifice with artistic block design and the highlight of the Chronograph function are quite popular in the market. With diverse and modern designs, suitable for many styles and personalities, Casio possesses durable Japanese quality but a “soft” price that has conquered millions of Vietnamese users.

Casio watches up to 50% off at 3000 Mobile World stores - 4

Casio watches have many fashionable and dynamic models for both men and women

If you are still wondering about choosing a suitable Casio, try the following suggestions so as not to miss the “deeply” discounted models at Mobile World and Dien May Xanh systems nationwide: Casio MTP-V300L-7A2UDF men’s watch with youthful and dynamic design, up to 50% off to 765,000 VND; Casio LX-500H-4E3VDF model has a light pink color, suitable for girls who love lady style, the price is only 543,000 VND (original price is more than 1 million VND); especially for those of you who have personality, the Casio AEQ-110BW-9AVDF for 839,000 VND (original price is more than 1.6 million VND) is also an option not to be missed…

In addition, there are many models of Casio watches that are extremely hot at Mobile World, quickly choose the style you like. here before the promotion ends.

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