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My husband’s affair gave me a chance to see myself again

Brother, the turbulence of a five-year marriage is not enough, but thanks to it, I realized that the past time I have lived heartlessly.

I used to be very active. The first time I failed was when I interviewed for the student volunteer club, when I did not get in, I stopped all activities after that, and my student life was not outstanding later on. After graduating from school, I found a stable job and lived a peaceful life. In me, there are thoughts that are breakthrough, daring but can’t be released, are always afraid or in other words, don’t live true to your heart, thinking that you are one person but doing something different.

My friends love me and think I’m kind, but sometimes I think I’m too selfish, it’s like “dagger’s mouth”. Then when we were husband and wife, life went very well, career advancement, everyone who looked at it admired. Who knows that deep in my heart I still have a feeling that something is missing. At first I thought I was a victim, but after a frank talk and reflection on the issues, maybe it was my fault. Since my family was in trouble, my parents were in conflict, my fate as a child when something happened, I didn’t dare to speak it out, couldn’t tell all my true thoughts, I just cried, emotions surged then and for a long time. time will fade. Gradually, this personality has followed me until now when I have been a wife and mother for six years.

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I remember when my family had a problem, there were a lot of things in my heart that I wanted to say, even though I knew it in advance but didn’t dare to say it, so that in the end, when everything came, it could no longer be saved. The same goes for married life, many thoughts in my heart but difficult to put into words, after a long time of accumulation, I shrink into an empty moment. Before I was a dreamy, cheerful girl, right? Since the wedding, the two’s personalities have not been compatible, I have adapted a lot according to you. I bought you clothes, you didn’t like it. At first, I was still uncomfortable, talked a lot, then stopped buying. Or something is not satisfactory, I will try to be patient. I do not share because it is true that life has not had much difficulty or pressure, except for family matters. The concerns in my heart or conflicting issues from my husband and I also come from my family quite a lot.

I care more about my brothers. Because of my blood, I lost my own family love. Standing between the choice between relatives and my own family, it is true that I think that my own family needs me more. I used to think that I was financially independent, talented, not so excellent as you, but in the eyes of others I was not lower than anyone, no matter what, I was still good. Maybe I’m wrong, wrong from thinking to acting. I think I’m doing the right role as a wife, going home to take care of the family, and being fine with my grandparents. I myself also realize that these are not enough, I just do the right responsibilities but lack the care, sharing, empathy between the two, since then the marriage is boring.

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The day I read your message with another woman, I was sober enough to understand how that relationship was. I’m shocked and hurt. Thanks to this opportunity, I have the courage to say all the feelings in my heart. I am carefree, not yet delicate enough to grasp the feelings of others, sometimes so carefree that if I didn’t say sad, I wouldn’t have noticed. You’re so boring. I will try to find myself again, boldly face all problems. At the end of the story, I think I also learned a lot of things, need to settle down and mature more. So is my husband. If your wife is wrong or doesn’t understand, open your heart and tell her. I still love my husband very much.


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