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Tien Linh, Hung Dung, Hoang Duc are absent?

Three players over 23 years old in Vietnam U23, Hoang Duc, Hung Dung and Tien Linh can continue to not play when the Korean U20 rematch in Hang Day.

After the first leg match in Viet Tri (Phu Tho) drew 1-1, U23 Vietnam and U20 rematch in Hang Day at 19:00 on April 22. This is the last friendly match of U23 Vietnam in the gathering to prepare for SEA Games 31.

The issue that most people are interested in in this match is whether 3 players Hoang Duc, Hung Dung and Tien Linh will be used by Coach Park Hang Seo or not. Earlier in the match in Viet Tri with the Korean U20 green army, all three players over 23 years old in U23 Vietnam were absent.

tien linh va hoang duc bi chan thuong truoc ngay hoi quan voi u23 viet nam 3cac77757dc549a69efc52ead4d18456
Tien Linh and Hoang Duc were injured before the reunion with U23 Vietnam

In fact, U23 Vietnam does not place much emphasis on winning or losing. However, if Hoang Duc, Hung Dung and Tien Linh compete, the match will be much more attractive and quality.

Self Coach Park Hang Seo said that he also left open the possibility of using 3 older pillars in U23 Vietnam. The Korean strategist emphasized the purpose of testing the capacity of new players, before officially closing the final list to attend the 31st SEA Games.

hlv park hang seo se chot 20 cau thu u23 viet nam du sea games 31 b32d2ddc7bc34fe49a1742cbd96272a4
Coach Park Hang Seo will finalize 20 Vietnamese U23 players to attend the 31st SEA Games

Obviously Mr. Park is carefully considering, because the trio of “heavy weapons” need to avoid injury at this very important time. Before that, Tien Linh and Hoang Duc both had health problems, while Hung Dung also showed signs of being overloaded because he often played in the club and the Vietnam team.

U23 Vietnam After the friendly match against Korea U20, Viet Tri moved back to Hanoi. Today, the team is resting to regain strength.

Regarding the rematch, in order to create favorable conditions for fans to buy tickets to the field, VFF decided to open more direct ticket sales points at Hang Day Stadium and VFF headquarters. from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on 21 and 22. /4.

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