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What does Hai Phong need to change to attract tourists?

On April 20, the seminar “Hai Phong tourism with a golden opportunity to break through” was held to find ways to promote alliances and links between localities, with emphasis on connecting the Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh corridor. Ninh, Quang Ninh – Hai Phong – Thai Binh – Nam Dinh.

Promote sea and island tourism

Hai Phong is known as an old port city, with famous tourist attractions such as Do Son and Cat Ba. In which, Cat Ba archipelago converges 5 national and international titles: Scenic Landscape – Special National Monument, World Biosphere Reserve, National Park, Marine Protected Area and is one of the The most beautiful bay in the world. With outstanding values ​​of marine and island ecosystems, biodiversity and aesthetics. Cat Ba Archipelago is being submitted to UNESCO for recognition as a World Natural Heritage Ha Long – Cat Ba. Meanwhile, Do Son peninsula is a famous beach resort and beach in the North for a long time.

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Hai Phong takes sea and island tourism as its core.

Therefore, according to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuong Huyen – Director of Hai Phong Department of Tourism: Tourism development is an inevitable path of Hai Phong in the future and also the way to build an international, civilized, modern city. development of sea and island tourism is the core. Spreading and developing sports tourism, convalescence, community tourism, agricultural and rural tourism, spiritual cultural tourism in order to expand space and develop diverse types of tourism products. of the Port City.

Changing the mindset of tourism development

For resort tourism, convenient and time-saving travel is the most important factor for tourists. Hai Phong is currently a locality with a convenient location in regional, inter-regional and international traffic connections. But, from Hanoi to Cat Ba, moving to Lan Ha Bay, tourists have to go through a journey of nearly 6 hours. Therefore, Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Director of the Institute of Tourism Development, said that in order to achieve the goal of developing Hai Phong into a major tourist destination of the country and a spearhead economic sector of the city, Hai Phong needs to actively renew thinking about tourism development and make bold decisions to create a foundation for tourism to make breakthroughs.

Accordingly, Hai Phong needs a stronger innovation in thinking and determination of the whole political system, in order to make important and bold decisions to create a particularly attractive tourism investment environment. effectively guide and mobilize resources for tourism development investment. Develop a special incentive mechanism, in accordance with the provisions of law and the actual conditions of Hai Phong to attract all resources for tourism development investment, especially attracting investment for tourism projects. Large-scale, classy and high-quality tourism to create a foundation for building and affirming Hai Phong tourism brand. Concentrate investment resources, in which priority is given to the State budget to invest in building tourism infrastructure.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Nguyen Le Phuc – Deputy Director General, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism emphasized that Hai Phong has many favorable conditions for tourism development. However, this city needs to deal with limitations such as: the speed of tourism infrastructure development has not met the needs of visitors; environmental issues in tourism have not been completely resolved, especially in the peak season of domestic tourists; destination overload has taken place causing frustration for tourists; Ancillary services, entertainment services, commercial centers, world-class shopping areas, exhibition areas, conferences… are still lacking, which have not yet met the conditions for organizing large-scale events. international. Although there is a lot of tourism potential, the number of international tourists to Hai Phong is limited, only reaching nearly 1 million international tourists (accounting for 1/18 of the number of international tourists to Vietnam) in 2019. .

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In order to well implement the policy of reopening tourism from March 15, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism suggested that the city’s tourism industry focus on a number of key tasks and solutions to attract tourists, including developing tourism. tourism products in the direction of diversification, exploiting the advantages and potentials of the city, connecting with associated provinces/cities, creating groups of tourism products to serve many different types of visitors; developing new tourism products and improving the quality of existing tourism products: Strengthening and promoting Hai Phong’s tourism strengths, exploiting and connecting Hai Phong’s tourist destinations with central provinces and especially connecting with Hanoi, Quang Ninh and other localities, creating a safe tourism corridor to prolong the stay of tourists and form a package tour.

Hai Phong needs to orient and support businesses to build Hai Phong’s signature tourism products; invest in the development of amusement parks, entertainment and ancillary services to increase spending capacity and diversify activities of tourists when coming to Hai Phong; develop sea resort tourism, MICE tourism, golf tourism, community tourism – agro-ecology, cultural tourism – history, culture, art and cuisine on the basis of linking travel businesses. airlines, hotels, transportation and attractions; interested in developing a number of new economic models in the field of tourism such as sharing economy, night tourism economy…

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