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“What never runs but people think it’s fast?”

After hours of study and stressful work, instead of staring at the phone, why don’t we try to relax with a puzzle game. This game both helps to refresh the spirit and helps us expand our understanding and improve our thinking ability. People who often play puzzles are very smart, quick, and have the ability to improvise.

If you don’t know where to find the quizzes, you can refer to the program Fast like lightning – which synthesizes many different types of puzzles such as: Quiz tips, word puzzles, knowledge quizzes, folk quizzes… In round 1, episode 11, the program gave a brain “hack” question with content like after:

“What never runs but people think it’s fast?”.

Vietnamese quiz:

Source: Lightning fast.

After MC Truong Giang read the question, the player gave the answer as lightning. However, the answer is not recognized by the program.

If you also do not have the answer, you can refer to the program’s answer: FAST FOOD.

Fast food is food that is prepared quickly, served quickly and enjoyed within a short period of time. Even food is pre-cooked and only reheated before serving on-site or easily packaged for take-out. The term “fast food” was recognized in 1951 and appeared in the dictionary by Merriam-Webster.

The term “fast food” is used to refer to foods that are prepared for sale. It is associated with the development of urban areas when people become more and more busy with life, as well as prefer fast foods to save processing time.

Vietnamese quiz:

Fast food causes many harms to health. (Illustrated image)

Depending on each region and culture of the country, fast food also has many types, such as: Pizza, hamburger, mashed potatoes, fried sausage, … This is a favorite food of many people, especially children. em. However, in addition to saving processing time, fast food causes many harmful effects such as: Increases blood sugar levels, increases the risk of heart disease, affects the digestive system, nervous system disorders, causes skin and bone system decline…

Although fast food is considered unhealthy for health, we can choose and use fast food reasonably, build a portion of food that is just enough so that our health is not affected. In addition, there are a number of fast foods that bring health benefits such as: mixed salad, fruit bread, oat porridge, yogurt, nut milk, etc. mangy-nua-ngay-moi-ra-20220413162859954.chn

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