Many parents are “tricked” into thinking their children are good

Many parents today believe that giving birth and raising children is not to rely on in old age, but only to walk with their children in this beautiful world and experience life together. It is true that children do not force us to be born, and nurturing is not a mandatory obligation but belongs to the moral category. But it cannot be denied, no matter how open-minded, from the bottom of their hearts, everyone hopes that when they are old and weak, their children will be cared for and cared for.

In old age, when all organs in the body decline, bodily functions degrade, life encounters many inconveniences, at this time parents hope their children can be around, show filial piety, No It must be material things, but just a little love to help elderly parents support loneliness, self-pity, and comfort for the rest of their lives.

  Children who grow up NOT filial have these 2 traits of THAO MAI since childhood: Many parents are deceived because they think their children are good - Photo 1.

But not all children have this mindset. Unfilial children have many causes, of which the main role is the upbringing of the family. However, right from a young age, parents can see signs that their child will grow up to be filial or not through small actions so that they can have appropriate parenting methods:

Parents who do not respond to the request are turned away

Some children are very smart from an early age and know how to please their parents to get certain toys and gifts. If the parent does not hesitate to do any of the child’s requests, the child will feel that such a parent is a good parent and loves himself.

However, once a parent feels that a child’s request cannot be met, or to avoid a child making a mistake and reprimanding a little, the child immediately becomes upset, loses his temper with the parent, feels that his father selfish mother does not love her children, then resentful.

Moreover, such a child can be easily bribed, even if this person is not pleasant and kind, just satisfying some of his selfish desires, he can betray his parents and destroy him. break their hearts. Such children will most likely be unfilial children in the future.

Children only talk kindly to their parents, but don’t take any action

The child is obedient and sweet-talking, caring – everyone would think this was a filial child, even jealous of this parent for raising such a good child. But in fact, there are some children who will just talk without thinking about using any actions to show their intentions.

For example, some children often tell their parents that: “Mom, cooking is hard, but I won’t put down my phone to help you make dishes and dishes.”. I will tell you that it is not easy for me to make money outside, I will never let you work hard to earn money later, but I will never give you a penny. When going out, it’s good to eat and drink, but not to care about old parents going to work with a bag of boiled potatoes, day after day.

  Children who grow up NOT filial have these 2 traits of THAO MAI from a young age: Many parents are deceived because they think their children are good - Photo 2.


Such children are often loved by their parents, after all, who does not like obedient, obedient children. But once a parent actually encounters something, such a child runs faster than anyone else. After all, the child is still afraid of practical actions for small things, when parents encounter big problems, do they still expect their children to be filial?

If parents do not want their child to grow up to be an unfilial person, from a young age parents need to persevere in teaching through small actions in daily life. For example, set an example of filial piety, caring parents for children. Teach your children how to share, not to indulge too much. From time to time, parents can bring up memories of their family’s previous life. This recollection will make children more grateful to their parents. good-natured-child-20220421154327958.chn

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