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On Earth Day, Biden signs executive order to protect America’s forests

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden will sign an executive order on Friday seeking to address the impact of climate crisis on America Forest.

Earth Day marking order focuses on risk reduction Forest firesfight global deforestation and use nature itself to reduce pollution.

Biden will sign the order in Seattle, where he will stay overnight after a visit to Portland on Thursday to promote the administration’s infrastructure plans and attend fundraisers for the Democratic Party. He is expected to deliver remarks on his administration’s efforts to tackle climate change and reduce costs for families on Friday afternoon.

The White House said in a statement of the order that forests absorb carbon dioxide amounting to more than 10% of annual U.S. greenhouse gases.

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“However, these beautiful ecosystems are threatened by the climate impacts already here, with increasing wildfires demanding urgent action to protect our forests and other ecosystems.” economy depends on them,” the statement said, adding that the infrastructure law signed by Biden last year provides funding to tackle wildfires and restore forests.

The order would direct the federal government to conduct “the first inventory of old-growth and mature forests on federal lands,” which would take into account threats to forests from wildfires and climate change. , the White House said. Based on that inventory, the government plans to develop strategies to address those threats.

The Departments of Agriculture, Commerce and Home Affairs will also be directed to work with the private sector and state, local, tribal and territorial governments to promote forest-related economic opportunities by creating jobs in outdoor recreation activities and in “sustainable wood, paper and forest types Cosmetics.”

The order will also direct the federal government to develop reforestation goals for 2030 and will use “nature-based solutions” to help make that happen. That includes “everything from restoring marshes, planting shade trees, promoting drought-resistant crops,” the White House said.

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