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Training to improve digital capacity for teachers of more than 1,000 primary schools

From mid-April 2022, VVOB organization and Vietnam Interactive Television Joint Stock Company – VTVlive cooperated with the Departments of Education and Training of 4 provinces, namely Thai Nguyen, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Quang Tri Implemented training courses for more than 1,100 key teachers (GVCs) and administrators from more than 1000 primary schools on digital capacity enhancement for professional development.

BLEND Project – Online Professional Development (learning through play)

The digital competency course is part of the BLEND Project – combining forms of professional development for administrators and teachers (in a global education development network). The goal of the project is to improve the capacity of key administrators and teachers to organize online professional development activities (on learning through play – IPLAY) through the form of a professional learning community. and professional support.

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Project IPLAY – Project to integrate learning through play in primary education in Vietnam. IPLAY aims to create a conducive environment in education; wishes to improve the learning outcomes of Vietnamese primary school students through integrating “Learning through play” into classroom teaching and learning activities. With this new approach to education, teachers and parents can consider playing with children as fun activities and have a clear plan and direction to achieve their purposeful educational goals. for children.

The training series starts from 4/2022 in Thai Nguyen province and in turn is deployed in Quang Tri, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of teachers and administrators from more than 1000 primary schools. . This course is designed in the form of blended learning (blended learning) between online and face-to-face, where teachers are trained directly in the classroom via tablets, interweaving online activities (individual and in groups) with two-way learning through exchange.

The purpose of the training course is to establish primary school teachers and school leaders capable of using the LMS system to actively participate in online courses in the IPLAY project. Nguyen Phan Huy Khoi, General Director of VTVlive, said that the course sponsored by VVOB also aims to develop basic digital competencies for teachers and school leaders to help them live, work and study. and actively and actively socialize in the digital environment.

VTVlive accompanies the digital competency training program

VTVlive was selected as a partner to implement the digital capacity improvement project. In which, VTVlive builds an online learning platform, designs digital competency training content and provides a team of experts to conduct face-to-face training in 4 provinces. The BLEND Digital Competence course is designed to deliver a combination of online learning and face-to-face training in the classroom. In this course, learners will use the online education management platform developed by VTVlive.

Vietnam Interactive Television Joint Stock Company (VTVlive) is a member company of Vietnam Cable Television Corporation (VTVcab), Vietnam Television Station. VTVlive focuses on developing technical infrastructure, technology solutions and consulting solutions in the field of education and training, providing high-quality educational products, aiming for a substantive and sustainable education for students. Vietnam.

With the careful preparation of the learning platform and training content from VVOB and VTVlive, along with the companionship of the Departments of Education and Training, the course will definitely help key teachers and staff. management department to improve digital capabilities, be ready to adapt to digital transformation in education, and promote innovation.

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