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Twitter joins ‘climate protection’ and tests subtitle buttons for videos

“Climate denial shouldn’t make money on .” Twitter and advertising must not devalue important conversations about the climate crisis” – technology page The Verge Twitter’s announcement said.

Twitter’s ban emphasizes that it doesn’t allow ads that are “misleading” and “contradictory to the scientific consensus on climate change.” As a result, decisions on the legal content of climate change will be guided by “authoritative sources”, including the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). ).

Twitter also said it will soon share more details about its plans to “add authoritative, credible context” about climate change on its platform. In fact, the environmental debate has become much louder in the past year. Debates about “sustainability” on Twitter are also up more than 151% since 2021.

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Twitter bans ads that contain misinformation about climate change. Photo: The Verge

The topic “removing greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels (decarbonization) also increased by 50%. Debate about reducing waste also increased by more than 100% on Twitter and other conversations about The environment is also gradually warming up.

Twitter’s new decision comes at a time when both Google and Facebook have been criticized for advertising and posting climate misinformation on their platforms.

In addition to issuing a rule that “bans misleading ads about climate change,” Twitter is also testing a “subtitles” (CC) button. A new feature will appear in the right corner of videos – allowing subtitles to be turned on or off on videos with subtitles available.

Twitter says the new feature is rolling out to some users on iOS and will be rolling out to Android soon.

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