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Sanofi is committed to supplying a large number of vaccines to Vietnam

On April 29, VNVC Immunization Center System and Sanofi-Aventis Vietnam Co., Ltd (Sanofi Vietnam) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on long-term strategic cooperation. This cooperation marks the next big step of VNVC vaccination system when it becomes a partner with many leading vaccine companies in the world such as GlaxoSmithKline (Belgium), Merck Sharp and Dohme (USA), Abbott (Netherlands). .

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Through a long-term strategic cooperation with VNVC, Sanofi is committed to supplying a large number of vaccines to Vietnam.

After many years of cooperation, VNVC and Sanofi have built a partnership that brings many benefits in health care to millions of people based on the leading advantage in the field of preventive medicine. VNVC is known as a system of high-class and modern vaccination centers with the leading source of quality and prestigious vaccines in Vietnam and Sanofi is the world’s leading bio-pharmaceutical corporation with a wide variety of vaccines. safety, quality and a solid scientific research background. Sanofi products are present in 170 countries, operating in 90 countries, 69 factories worldwide located in 32 countries, and 21 R&D centers around the globe.

Through this signing, the cooperation relationship between VNVC and Sanofi continues to be strengthened and expanded strongly for a healthy and safe community, through many important activities, including product launch cooperation. new vaccine products and ensure people are informed about new vaccines; ensure people have access to vaccines; education and communication activities for the community about infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccines; training and capacity building of staff; cooperate to carry out clinical research on vaccines.

David Tick – Vaccine Product Manager, Sanofi Vietnam and Cambodia said: “Everybody from children, adolescents, adults and the elderly anywhere in the world needs it. protected from dangerous infectious diseases. Immunization is one of the effective, cost-effective prevention measures and minimizes the severe consequences that these diseases bring. Elevating the strategic cooperation with VNVC will contribute to Sanofi continuing to expand access to high-quality vaccine products for Vietnamese people.

Vu Thi Thu Ha, Supply Director of VNVC vaccination center system shared: “With the goal of constantly improving the quality of vaccination services, VNVC always focuses on developing cooperative relationships with partners. Top. The development of strategic cooperation with Sanofi Vietnam through a series of diverse activities is expected to help VNVC realize the goal of bringing high-quality vaccines to the community in the fastest and earliest way, contributing health protection for millions of Vietnamese people”.

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People have more opportunities to be fully immunized with good vaccines against infectious diseases from the world’s leading pharmaceutical corporation.

VNVC vaccination center system currently has 64 centers nationwide. With a complete portfolio of vaccines for children and adults, VNVC has more than 5,000 doctors, nurses, and other health care workers with professional training in vaccination safety and skills to deliver high-quality immunization services. grant.

VNVC has a dedicated cold chain system for preserving vaccines of international standards, with a system of general cold storage and GSP standard cold storage at all vaccination centers and refrigerated vehicle systems. Specialized vaccine transport, professional vaccine storage cabinet system.

VNVC’s official cooperation agreements with vaccine manufacturers have enabled VNVC to obtain many new vaccines. Previously, VNVC was the first unit to sign a contract with the world’s leading pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca to order 55 million successful doses of Covid-19 vaccine, making an important contribution to the rapid and effective vaccination campaign. full of epidemics in Vietnam.

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