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Seeing the woman selling fruit fainting in the middle of the market, I wholeheartedly help, I never expected this to change

I am sales agent of the supermarket. In general, the job is easy but the salary is not high. My family is in the countryside, not rich. Therefore, as much as I can work, I rekindle most of the money to send back to my parents.

Lam and I have been dating for a few months now. Lam is the son of a rich family. He took me to fancy places, gave me designer clothes, but I didn’t accept them. Every time Lam mentioned wedding story were all dismissed by me. I’m so scared about to introduce family because there’s a big gap between us.

Last week, I went to the market and was choosing fruit when the stall owner fainted. I quickly called everyone to take her to the hospital. Since the store was empty, I followed the ambulance, took care of the procedures and paid for her hospital bills. After finishing everything and knowing that the fruit seller’s health situation was more stable, I bought a box of porridge and a few jars of oats to give her and then went home.

Yesterday, Lam took me to his house to play. He said he wanted to introduce me to everyone in the family and that everyone would like me for sure. But when I got to the front of the villa, I faltered, scared.

When I entered the house, I was surprised to see the fruit seller sitting and chatting with Lam’s mother. Seeing me, she was very happy. She complimented me a lot and said she always wanted to see me to thank me and pay for my hospital bills. Unexpectedly, I am Lam’s lover.

It turned out that she was Lam’s biological uncle, the voice of the family. She only sells fruit to satisfy her passion for business, but her family is not short of money.

Thanks to her, I’ve been able to open up and talk to people more. At the end of the session, Lam’s mother also said frankly that at first she did not intend to “dot” me as the daughter-in-law in the family. But my act of dedicated helping others changed the way she thought about me. Lam’s father also told me that he would come to my house to play and tell me about his family situation and discuss about marriage.

Unexpectedly, my selfless act of helping others changed my destiny like that. Now I understand more deeply the saying “be gentle, meet good”.

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