The woman’s body was burnt black and the journey to unmask the lustful man

In the quiet space of the mountains and forests, Cam killed a woman 11 years older than him, then performed a beastly act.

Unusual fire

Luong village, Chieng En commune is a remote, remote and most difficult land in Song Ma district (Son La province). People here all year round live on upland fields and raising cattle.

So life goes on in peace and silence. Until one day at the beginning of 2015, that quiet space was suddenly broken by an accident murder special serious.

According to documents, at around 9:15 p.m. on February 24, the police of Son La province received a report from the Song Ma district police about the fact that, at 7 p.m. on the same day, after extinguishing the fire on the shack of Mr. Tong Van’s family. In the area of ​​Huoi Pao hill, in Ban Luong, Chieng En commune, Song Ma district, people were shocked to discover the body of a woman burned black.

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By many professional measures, the police quickly identified the identity of the victim as Ms. Luong Thi Th. (SN 1984, Mr. Xien’s daughter-in-law). According to information from the victim’s relatives, on the afternoon of February 24, Ms. ride a motorbike from home to the family’s shack to cook pig bran and feed chickens.

From that time until the fire was discovered, the family did not see Ms. go home.

The investigation of the scene and the body was urgently carried out by the investigating agency. Not far from the shack, the police found a cell phone and pink sundresses of Ms.

The victim’s body was charred black, in the occipital region of the neck were discovered two wounds caused by sharp objects. Property on sister Th. like gold ear rings, silver necklaces, silver hair pins that are not lost.

From the traces collected at the scene, the police initially determined that this was a case with signs of crime killingraped, then the subject burned the body to dispose of mourning.

Faced with the complicated nature of the case, Son La Provincial Police set up a special case with secret number 3158M to fight and clarify.

Unexpected killer

Because the area where the case happened is in a remote area, the investigation agency’s work to find the culprit is very difficult. On the one hand, the police conducted zoning of suspects, on the other hand, mobilized the masses to cooperate in denouncing crimes.

By combining many professional measures, the police quickly identified the suspect as Luong Van Cam (SN 1995, residing in Ten village, Chieng En commune, Song Ma district).

On March 2, the Investigative Police Department of Son La Province Police issued an urgent arrest warrant for Cam subject to the act of “murder”.Rape“.

At the investigation agency, in front of many indisputable evidences, Cam had to bow his head to confess. The subject stated that around 3pm on February 24, Cam went to find a stray cow in the border area between Ten and Co Tong villages, Chieng En commune.

At about 6pm on the same day, Cam arrived in Huoi Pao area (near the shack of Mr. Xien’s family). Here, the subject saw that in the shack, only Ms. Th was cooking pork bran, there were no people around, so a dark intention arose.

Taking advantage of Ms. Th’s loophole, Cam used a pickaxe to hit the head and neck area, causing the victim to collapse and become motionless. Not stopping there, Cam continued to commit depraved acts with Ms. Th. After satisfying the beast, Cam dragged the victim into the shack and covered it with grass to set it on fire.

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Subject Luong Van Cam

After committing the crime, Cam returned home as if nothing had happened. When people discovered the fire and shouted, Cam also ran to the shack of Mr. Xien’s family but just watched.

On February 25, when the police examined the scene, this subject also followed people in the village to follow. When he was arrested, he did not expect that he was discovered so quickly…

The fact that Cam was the subject of murder made the people of Chieng En commune extremely shocked and shocked. Although Cam himself is young, he has had 2 wives. The first wife lived with Cam for more than 10 months, then divorced. The second wife married the subject in 2013 and has 2 children (older 3 years old, younger 1 year old).

With the crime committed, Luong Van Cam has had to suffer appropriate punishment from the law.

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