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Thai man lived with his wife’s body for 21 years

After the story of Mr. Charn Janwatchakal, 72, who lived with the body of his late wife for more than two decades was published on April 30, some netizens called him a man with undying love or man with eternal love.

In the latest development, famous lawyer Nitithorn Kaewto visited Mr. Charn on May 2 and interviewed him at a small house in Bang Khen district, Bangkok (Thailand). The lawyer recounted that Mr. Charn was well-educated and had many degrees in medicine and law. But the 72-year-old man lives on a modest living even without electricity at home after his wife’s death and relies on a neighbor’s shared water source.

A Thai man lived with his wife's body for 21 years - Photo 1.

Mr. Charn Janwatchakal, 72, has lived with the body of his late wife for more than two decades. Photo: The Nation

On April 29, Mr. Charn went to the Bangkok Phet Kasem Foundation to ask for help cremating his wife’s body. After that, information about the old man keeping his wife’s body in a coffin in the small bedroom was spread.

Mr. Charn said he spoke to the body as if his wife were still alive. In the end, he decided to cremate her, fearing that no one would give her a proper funeral after his death.

Phet Kasem Bangkok Foundation staff visited and cleaned up the badly damaged house. They cleared a lot of weeds and dry leaves, repaired the roof and connected the power lines after cremating his wife.

Mr. Charn told lawyer Nitithorn that he used to live with his wife and two sons, but after his wife died and he kept her body, the two sons moved out because they could not accept the decision. During the day, the old man spends time with the cats and dogs in a small space next to the house. At night, the old man slept beside his wife’s coffin in a room that used to be a storage room.

According to the sheet The NationMr. Charn told Mr. Nitithorn that from now on he will be volunteering for the Phet Kasem Bangkok Foundation to dedicate the merits to his late wife.

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