ELSA invests 15 billion VND with 1,000 Vietnamese businesses to improve English skills for employees

According to a 2022 study by Udemy – one of the world’s largest online learning platforms, nearly 9 out of 10 senior managers share that they have been, are and will face a shortage of human resources with skills. skills critical to accomplishing goals (skill gap).

Therefore, companies pay special attention to programs that help improve the skills of employees. In addition to business and financial skills, leadership and communication skills are also highly valued, especially for workers who want to use English fluently.

Recently, when Vietnam started to fully open its borders, it has brought a sign of prosperity in the number of international tourists and new business opportunities as foreign investors choose Southeast Asia as the destination. Ideal for collaboration and expansion. The demand for highly skilled labor also increases accordingly.

In Vietnam, there are 50 million people of working age who, despite being well trained, still cannot meet the high requirements for English communication skills. According to the international education organization Education First, Vietnam’s English proficiency index (EF EPI) has decreased in recent years. Specifically, Vietnam ranks 65th, belonging to the “low proficiency” level in the 2020 ranking.

So, the educational technology startup ELSA officially launched the program “Enhancing human resources of the future” on May 4, 2022 with a total value of VND 15 billion to support 1000 businesses in Vietnam to improve their employees’ English skills.

The program is considered a pioneering solution to help businesses recover quickly after the pandemic, thereby contributing to promoting the development of Vietnam’s economy.

ELSA invested VND 15 billion to support 1,000 Vietnamese businesses to improve their English skills - Photo 1.

Michael Ngo – Country Director of ELSA Vietnam

As a pioneer in applying AI technology to language training since 2015, ELSA aims to help 1.5 billion English learners around the world improve their English speaking ability at the most optimal cost.

Not only for individuals, ELSA also has ELSA solutions for businesses. With more than 200 topics, 5,000 lessons and 26,000 different exercises for a variety of fields: Restaurant – Hotel, Banking & Finance, Information Technology & Consulting, Service, Education…“, Michael Ngo – Country Director of ELSA Vietnam said.

Specifically: ELSA has designed a learning path according to the unique needs and characteristics of the industry and business units to help all trained employees effectively improve their language skills. Thereby, helping them integrate into the trend and economic context on the rise in Vietnam.

Besides Bosch Global Software Technologies Vietnam, Coc Coc, MiTek; HuaLi Industrial Group, a leading corporation specializing in designing and manufacturing sports shoes, is also one of ELSA’s partners. They have noticed an amazing improvement in their employees’ English communication skills thanks to ELSA for Business.

In just 2 months of implementing the training program, data shows that 90% of employees participating in the program actively completed more than 26,700 lessons in 1,100 hours of study.

The partnership with ELSA is a strategic move for us. We realize that ELSA has a great technology solution, they have worked with many leading businesses in many fields. In addition, between ELSA and HuaLi Industrial Group, there is a similarity when both put the human factor as the focus.“, grandfather Derek Grundy – Vice President of HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Brand DivisionTo share.

With the program “Enhancing the future of human resources”, each business is provided with a minimum of 20 accounts and a maximum of 100 free ELSA Pro accounts for employees, valid for use within 30 days from first activation date. Enterprises can easily track the training route and the results of the employee’s learning progress assessment on the ELSA Dashboard system in real time.

With many years of experience in implementing internal programs for organizations of various sizes, ELSA’s Corporate Customer Care team will accompany and support companies in a professional and detailed manner. from the beginning of the program, record the report, evaluate the effectiveness until the end.

The best completed business will receive 100 free ELSA Pro and ELSA Dashboard accounts with a term of 6 months and the opportunity to promote the brand widely on ELSA’s media channels. All results will be reported and evaluated by the ELSA Dashboard system and ELSA’s proprietary AI technology. chn

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