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In the middle of the night, my husband and 1-month-old daughter suddenly “disappeared”, I ran to the living room

When I decided to marry Vinh, everyone scolded me for being foolish. I’m a decent virgin, graduated from college, working in a bank. Yet marry a man ever divorced, the house is normal, not rich, rich. But I don’t care. I believe Vinh will bring me happiness.

Marriage life Mine is very peaceful. Vinh pampers, loves and respects every decision of his wife. At my husband’s house, I took saving money to build and repair houses, then buy household items. At that time, Vinh often blamed himself for letting me suffer.

He changed the company. In the new company, although the salary is higher, the pressure is heavier. It’s only been a few months that I can see that my husband is sick. I advised him to return to his old company but he refused. He said he would try to work to give me the fullest life.

I am currently 3 weeks pregnant. At the hospital, Vinh alone does personal hygiene for me; holding the little girl all night.

From the time I got home, I felt strange because for some reason he kept spreading a thin rug next to the edge of my bed to sleep. I told Vinh to go to the living room to sleep but he refused. Strangely, my baby doesn’t cry at all at night, so I sleep very well.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and was shocked to see that my husband and 1-month-old daughter had “disappeared”. I quickly ran to the living room, but felt pity when I saw that my husband was carrying his daughter around, walking softly while lulling her to sleep.

Seeing me, Vinh motioned for me to go to sleep, and he would take care of the children. He whispered that I worked hard during the day, then at night let me take care of her. My eyes were wet with emotion. I didn’t look at the wrong person. It is true that only when giving birth, a woman understands the heart of a man.

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