Parents are less protective, children will grow up better

Children lack the ability to take care of themselves

What if a child has problems with self-care? The most direct manifestation is that they are confused about what to do and how to do it, even simple things like eating and dressing take a long time.

Thus, the child’s level of willingness to actively participate in activities will be very low. There are also children with slow physical development, much less running and jumping ability than you.

In addition to these problems in life, some children still do not know how to integrate into the group when interacting with others and like to cling to their parents in everything.

What causes children to lack the ability to take care of themselves?

There are many problems with self-care for children, but most of it is because many parents are loving their children in the wrong way. Here are some reasons why children lack the ability to take care of themselves:

Reason 1. Overprotective parents

The direct cause of this situation is the overprotection of parents. What is overprotection? It is parents who are afraid of harming their children, so they often do not let their children touch anything. Even when children want to do it themselves, they are often taken by their parents to do it first.

In this overprotective state, a child’s learning journey will be disrupted and not able to develop at its best. If children are deprived of the opportunity to learn, explore, and get exercise, they will not be able or slow to develop the ability to take care of themselves.

Reason 2. Parental misunderstanding

Some parents always treat their children like babies, thinking that some things can be learned naturally as they grow up. It is that wrong thinking that has distorted the educational philosophy of many parents.

When the child is young, they think this way, but when the child grows up to a certain extent, the parents still think that way, which leads to the child not being able to exercise physically and gradually losing confidence.

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Reason 3. Parents are always afraid of trouble

Many parents are still afraid of the hassle of letting their children do things on their own. Take meals as an example, sometimes children want to eat on their own but parents feel that the child does not eat well, eats for a long time, or even spills food. Therefore, they choose to use an alternative method to avoid the hassle that can occur when children do it themselves.

It is this fear of trouble that will affect children’s ability to take care of themselves.

How to cultivate children’s ability to take care of themselves?

Here are a few good ways to practice:

Method 1. Let the child feed himself without worry

In terms of eating, when it’s time for children to eat by themselves, let them eat by themselves, so don’t worry about trouble all the time. Eating is the first step in developing a child’s ability to take care of themselves.

In fact, whether anorexia or eating well, it is an opportunity for children to learn and grow. So by simply allowing children to feed themselves, you will find that they will become a lot more mature.

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Method 2: Learn to take care of yourself

In addition to eating, children can learn to take care of themselves such as dressing and wearing shoes. When your children are older, you can also let them make their own toys, beds, … These behaviors are completely doable and it is also very helpful in raising awareness for children.

Don’t underestimate the trivial things in life because it helps a lot for future progress.

Method 3: Learn to control yourself

Children need to learn to control themselves, including their behavior and emotions. Self-discipline is also an aspect of self-care, and children with autism are often very independent.

Help children develop a sense of respect for rules, planning, and good living habits from an early age. The advantage of this is improved thinking ability and enhanced self-care.

Method 4: Share some household chores

In the family, children also need to be treated properly and be a member of the family management. So, share household chores to help your children improve their sense of responsibility and practice.

Your message:

Children’s lack of independence, too dependent on parents often stem from the behavior of parents themselves. Don’t let your children become “kids who never grow up”. Instead, children should be given opportunities to practice independence, self-discipline as well as good living habits and know some basic life skills.

To help children cultivate better self-care, parents should encourage children to think independently, learn to solve problems on their own, and share some housework with them.

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