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VNPT deploys and installs telecommunications and IT infrastructure to serve the 31st SEA Games

As one of the region’s leading sporting events, the 31st SEA Games takes place in a special context, when many countries have just experienced a long period of stress due to the epidemic and are in the stage of recovering their economies. economic. Therefore, according to the BTC side, the event will attract great attention, not only at the regional scale but also with the international audience. It is estimated that the event will attract up to 1 billion viewers via television and social networks with 1,200 hours of live broadcast. This puts great pressure on ensuring the telecommunications – IT infrastructure for the Congress.

VNPT technical experts rush to install and check technical infrastructure at press, television and competition centers

VNPT technical experts rush to install and check technical infrastructure at press, television and competition centers

Sharing with PV on the eve of the congress, the representative of VNPT – the diamond sponsor of the 31st SEA Games said that the unit is rushing to complete the final technical items on telecommunications – IT infrastructure as committed. with BTC. “VNPT considers this to be one of the important tasks at the moment, so we have put all our efforts to complete an extremely large volume of work that requires high accuracy. Currently, technical experts are Technically, VNPT’s leaders are still directly present to inspect and supervise the installation and connection of infrastructure equipment at competition venues, press and television centers in 11 provinces/cities across the country. ,” VNPT representative said.

In order to optimize the telecommunications infrastructure for the Congress, in addition to enhancing transceivers and transceivers, VNPT has installed many more high-speed Internet lines and 3G and 4G wave boosters at the test sites. competed in Hanoi and 10 other provinces/cities. These are specially designed Internet lines that allow fast, high-speed information transmission, which have been checked and tested, ensuring no congestion to maximize support for updating exam results. the 31st SEA Games, holding press conferences, reporting… as well as ensuring that the needs of the audience on the field are smooth.

To ensure information security for the event, VNPT has also prepared scenarios to deal with possible attack situations with telecommunications – IT infrastructure, ensuring that in all situations, information is still protected. transparent transmission. Particularly at the Television Center and the Press Center located at the National Convention Center (Hanoi), VNPT strengthens 5G waves to serve the fastest and most convenient news and information transmission. Regarding personnel work, VNPT has arranged technical experts to be on duty at the competition venues and the National Convention Center. The 18001031 switchboard system has also been officially put into operation by VNPT from May 1, 2022, serving 24/7 to answer information about SEA Games 31.

It is known that during the holiday from April 30 to May 1, the installation and commissioning of technical – IT infrastructure at all press centers, television stations, and competition venues were still carried out. urgently, ensuring that it is in accordance with the time and progress that VNPT has set out before.

The first sponsorship categories have started operating

According to the sponsorship agreement, VNPT Group will provide free of charge telecommunications and IT services, including: Direct Internet channel and monitoring operation at 6 press, television, control centers, etc. activities, 37 competition points in Hanoi and 10 provinces/cities and competition points, IT center, card center; Wifi network system at Press Center and TV Center (located at the National Convention Center). This group will also prepare and contribute a large number of equipment as well as technical experts to support data entry of competition results at the competition points (on the seed of BTC) during the SEA Games organization. 31. Currently, these items are in the stage of conducting the final checks to be ready to go into operation before the 31st SEA Games.

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