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Build virtual Mars to train astronauts

Held in partnership with HeroX, a crowdsourcing solutions platform, the NASA MarsXR Challenge seeks up to 20 winners with a $70,000 prize pool.

The space agency NASA asked developers and designers to create scenarios inside the virtual world that the crew might face upon arrival. Marsincluding setting up bases and securing power supplies, extreme situations like a dust storm and radiation…

Challenges are divided into 5 categories: Camping, Scientific Research, Maintenance, Discovery and Surprise. In each scenario, the developers needed to create resources and procedures that future astronauts could follow while wearing VR goggles to prepare for the mission.

The virtual version of Mars was created by NASA and Epic Games using Unreal Engine 5, the orange color of the day on the red planet will turn blue at night. In addition, the virtual version of Mars will also have variable weather conditions, gravity and more than 400 km2 Actual topography has been studied on Mars.

Future astronauts could use a virtual reality version of Mars to participate in training before actually setting foot on the planet.

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