Due to a gas leak

The explosion killed at least 22 people and injured about 40 others. In a statement posted on the social networking site Twitter, the Office of the President of Cuba said, “Preliminary investigation results show that a gas leak was the cause of the explosion.”while emphasizing “More details on the case will be available soon.”

Explosion of Saratoga hotel in Cuba: Due to a gas leak - 1

The site of the wreckage after the explosion. (Photo: AP)

At the scene, firefighters were working to cool the remains of a liquefied gas tanker truck believed to have exploded on the street next to the Saratoga Hotel. Meanwhile, people living and working in buildings near the explosion site have been evacuated for safety.

Currently, Cuban authorities are launching a blood donation program to support injured victims. The 5-star Saratoga hotel, located near the Cuban National Assembly headquarters, was previously scheduled to reopen on May 10 after a period of closure for renovation.

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