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The girl was amazed by using an old knife to prune the beautiful carrot flowers

“Cooking is an art, and the cook is an artist.” This saying is not true for the “clumsy” team, but it is true for the skillful team. Because cooking well is not difficult, but presenting it beautifully, not everyone has flowers. Sometimes all it takes is a few stalks of beautifully arranged vegetables, or trimming the flowers of carrots and tomatoes to make the tray of rice more attractive.

It is because of the need to improve the perfection of the dish that the sisters now learn a lot about culinary decoration. Before tasting the food, the appearance is what makes an impression. So the housewife team is very interested in the clip teaching flower pruning.

A young girl who owns a TikTok account named Tam Tit has become the sister’s idol after only 4 short clips teaching how to prune carrot flowers. At first, Tam just posted on TikTok for fun, unexpectedly attracting millions of views!

How to prune beautiful and simple carrot flowers

Through Tam’s skillful hands, everyone was amazed when the flowers appeared one after another. With a few cutting steps, Tam turns stiff carrots into daisies, cherry blossoms, and more. The soft, magical petals floating on the water, with the vibrant orange color, are really pretty. Each different way of peeling carrots will create different flowers. Those who have rich creativity can own their own carrot flowers.

After the cutting steps on the carrot body, just peel it in a swirl to see the flower clearly!

Simple carrot flower pruning

Each different way of sculpting a carrot produces a different flower.

Each video Tam posted is quite short, but enough for you to watch and learn from. Tam herself was surprised when her video reached more than 3 million views after only 2 days of posting. The most special thing is that Tam does not have any professional tools. The only item she uses to prune carrot flowers is… an old knife! This knife is quite large, so everyone thinks it is difficult to prune carrot flowers. But on the contrary, Tam uses it very flexibly.

The carrot flower enchantment is awe-inspiring

The bright orange flowers are soft, inexpensive, but the aesthetic effect is quite high.

Simple carrot flower pruning

And this is the result of decorating the dish after trimming the carrot flowers.

Most people wonder how to make carrots more flexible, easier to bend. Because everyone knows that raw carrots are hard, brittle and easy to break. But according to Tam’s share, she did not soak or use anything to soften the carrots. Just peel and trim gently. The most important is the stage of stroking the petals after shaping, if strong, it is easy to damage.

In addition to a series of videos teaching how to prune carrot flowers, Tam also enthusiastically posted a clip teaching how to cut fruit and arrange fruit beautifully to serve the needs of women. Tam’s method is quite simple and easy to understand, so every video attracts hundreds of thousands of views.

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