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As soon as she entered the luxury hotel room, the girl was startled when she opened the wardrobe

Recently, a young girl had a horrifying experience when renting a luxury hotel room, but when she entered the room, she saw a strange young man coming out of the closet.

Local media reported that on May 5, 2022, a young foreign girl named Sarah rented a room at the luxury hotel Perdana Kota Bharu, belonging to Attana Hotels & Resort, located in Kota Bharu city, Kelantan state, Malaysia.

At about 10pm that night, Sarah and her family returned to their hotel room from outside, but they could not open the door with their room card. Thinking something was wrong, Sarah called the hotel receptionist. After a while, the waiter came up and successfully opened the room door. Unexpectedly, as soon as she entered, a scene appeared in front of her eyes that made Sarah completely stunned.

Just entered the luxury hotel room, the girl was startled when she opened the wardrobe - 1

When Sarah and her family had just entered the room, a young man suddenly opened the closet door and stepped out. This young man is only about 20 years old, Malaysian nationality, dressed in black from top to bottom, his appearance is dirty and unusual. Neither Sarah nor her family knew the young man. They were terrified and bewildered when they found him in their hotel room.

Soon after, Miss Sarah questioned this young man who he was and why he was here. The young man refused to answer Sarah’s questions. He holds a mobile phone and a charging cord in his hand, insists that he didn’t steal anything, just wanted to come here to meet a woman who took his money. Coincidentally, the woman this young man was referring to was also named Sarah.

The young man is a security guard. Apparently someone gave him a room card to get him into this hotel room. While before that, Sarah had hung a “do not disturb” sign outside the door before leaving the room.

In the end, Sarah did not believe the words of the young man, so she decided to call the police. Ms. Sarah said she often stayed at hotels, but this was the first time she encountered this case. She did not know what the young man’s purpose was. She was also afraid that if she went alone that day, she wouldn’t know what would happen. This made Sarah haunted and sleepless for many days. On May 7, 2022, Sarah told her story on the social network TikTok.

On May 7, Perdana Kota Bharu hotel manager Mohd Iqmal Muslim said that this is an unfortunate and rare incident: “The suspect has been arrested. Since this is a police investigation, we should could not be reached for comment further. The hotel management wants to assure our guests that safety and security is our top priority.”

Kota Bharu city police chief Mohd Rosdi Daud also confirmed that they had arrested the young man. Preliminary drug testing showed the suspect tested positive for methamphetamine. Before that, the suspect’s records showed that he was involved in drug crimes three times. According to Section 448 of the Malaysian Penal Code, the suspect is being held in custody and investigated for alleged illegal entry.

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