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I went crazy when my husband reported losing a bet of 300 million, when I was determined to get a divorce, I knew the truth behind

10/05/2022 07:19 GMT+7

With no money to pay off a football bet, my husband begged me to give him a passbook.

The day I brought Quan to debut, my parents disagreed because they thought that a man from a large family of brothers, and still good at playing virtual money and betting, would not be able to give me a family. happy.

My mother told me that marrying a man who is passionate about red-and-black games as a husband is too risky. If I marry Quan, I will have to accept the lonely scene of struggling from big to small issues in the family, holidays or New Year holidays will not have a husband’s shadow because the gambler is engrossed in “fighting”.

Then my mother cried when I imagined the night after night when I stayed up all night waiting for the familiar sound of my husband’s car, but sometimes the gambler’s eyes wandered back…

However, I believed Quan when he said that he would definitely make me happy, he would work harder so that I could have a comfortable life. I ignored the fact that he was 32 years old and still had nothing to marry him.

I went crazy when my husband reported losing a bet of 300 million, when I was determined to get a divorce, I knew the truth behind

Since marrying me, Quan also seems to wake up, stay away from red and black games, work hard to earn money to buy a house. I feel he has changed and I myself have made the right choice.

Half a year after I got married, I got pregnant. At that time, thanks to our savings plus the amount of gold given to us by our parents, we were able to buy a plot of land worth 500 million in the suburbs.

I plan to just buy a piece of land there, rent a temporary house to live in, and then sell the other piece of land to get money to buy a house in the center so that it’s convenient for the couple to go to work.

That day I eagerly waited for my husband to come back to talk to me about going to see the land, but my husband said I was sorry for losing a bet of 300 million. He begged me to give him a passbook to pay his debt, otherwise the gangsters would come to the company, he would be fired by his boss.

I cried and asked him why he didn’t keep his promise to quit the game, but Quan only bowed his head to apologize and of course did not have any satisfactory explanation.

I couldn’t bear to leave my husband to be trampled by debt collectors, so I finally gave him my passbook and quietly packed up and rented another motel to live in. At this time, I remember the words my parents said, understand why my mother prevented me from marrying him, but now I do it on my own, not daring to go home and complain to my parents anymore.

2 months later, I decided to divorce because I was afraid that red blood would be hard to let go, I’d rather get hurt once than live in this debt repayment situation, never for the rest of my life, and even affect the future. of children.

After the night of crying with swollen eyes, I tore up the wedding photo and went to give Quan a divorce petition. Quan apologized but I turned to leave.

In a sad mood, for some reason, I unconsciously went to my parents’ house. As soon as I got to the door, my brother dragged me to the cafe to tell the whole truth.

It turns out that half a year ago, my younger brother decided to hide from his relatives, borrowed outside to start a business, but was scammed out of nearly 500 million. He didn’t want to tell his family because he was afraid that people would be shocked, especially my mother who is suffering from heart disease. My husband knew the secret that I lent him 300 million savings to pay the debt for the social.

After hearing the incident, I burst into tears knowing that the loss of the bet was only made up by my husband to deceive me, to take that money and give it to my brother. So I rushed back to Quan to apologize. He also promised that he would never hide anything from his wife again.

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