Women have 4 strange features, after 35, they can’t become dragons, they also become phoenixes

Looking at these 4 characteristics, people praise beautiful people, shake their heads and criticize bad ones, although there are many conflicting opinions.

1. Big round face, chubby cheeks, double chin

Many women think that women You have to have a small oval face to be a lady, and you don’t like a round and round face because it doesn’t look elegant and trendy at all!

However, in the face shapes, according to anthropology, the round face is the face that brings the most blessings and luck to the owner.

Women have 4 strange features, after 35, they can't become dragons and phoenixes-1

Women with round faces often have many talents and talents, and are especially good at one thing. They are also very delicate in their communication, so their success is an overnight thing.

And you should not insist that a long pointed chin is beautiful and good, because according to anthropology, women with short chin and double chin are the ones who have a rich and rich life. This is the chin general “happy like Dong Hai”, whoever has it is happy, for the rest of his life, he doesn’t have to worry about food, clothes and clothes.

The owner of this chin will be loved and supported by many people, have a good predestined relationship, and have a happy and perfect future.

2. Big nose, thick nose wings, round nose tip

Currently, girls often favor small noses, high nose bridge, and narrow nose wings. Many people with large noses often prefer to have their noses corrected to be taller and smaller.

However, people often say to fix anything on the face, but fix the nose or fix the eyes, you have to go and see, see if you have been repaired, you have broken the general, breaking the palace of fortune, from which the business has declined.

Women have 4 strange features, after 35, they can't become dragons, they also become phoenix-2

A big nose may not be good-looking, but according to anthropology, it is the point that holds everyone’s fortune. The bigger the nose, the thicker and wider the nose, the stronger the career, the more peaceful and happy, and especially the good fortune on the land.

Moreover, the women possessing this nose general are considered to have a good appearance, speak loudly, have a strong will, and a heavenly temperament.

3. Slender, big hands and big short fingers

It is often said that women with small hands, long slender fingers are golden branches and jade leaves, while women with large hands and short fingers are often hard-working. This is true, but it is missing a very important point.

Elders often teach their sons to choose a wife with “bad” hands, sinewy, big and rough because they think “bad-handed” women are the ones who take care of housework, or do it or take care of it. just hard work.

Indeed, women with large, sinewy hands often struggle in their youth. They accept hard work and sacrifice for their families. The future fate will not mistreat such hardworking people.

“Stone into jade”, money and material things will come to them in the future, moreover, their posterity is not only rich, but their family is also extremely happy.

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