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Mother of SEA Games gold medal wushu Duong Thuy Vi: ‘I can’t even hug you!’

Witness her daughter win gold SEA Games 31 at home, wushu athlete’s mother Duong Thuy Vi I couldn’t contain my joy, but I also felt sad.

Highlights SEA Games: wushu queen Duong Thuy Vi is so beautiful in a sword show

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhan was present at Cau Giay Gymnasium early, witnessed her daughter Duong Thuy Vi perform excellently and win gold in the women’s swordsman event, but had mixed feelings. She is happy that Thuy Vi has achieved the desired result, but also sad because she can only watch her daughter from afar.

Duong Thuy Vi with the sword performance competition

Jiang Lao

Since the sword show achieved an extremely high score of 9.70, the golden girl Duong Thuy Vi could not spend much time with her family because she was “busy” with the media. In the stadium, female athletes wushu Wherever he went he was welcomed by reporters. Standing outside the encirclement of dozens of cameras and cameras, Ms. Nhan exclaims: “I can’t even hug you!”

Share with reporters Youth, Thuy Vi’s mother said: “I am also very emotional, even though I have been through this many times, I also feel very nervous, especially this year Vi won a gold medal at home. However, I was also a little bit heartbroken when I couldn’t give my baby a hug to congratulate me.”

Duong Thuy Vi is 29 years old this year, has a pretty face, is called a hot girl wushu by many, and is still unmarried. Talking about this, Ms. Nhan revealed: “Everyone is also encouraging Vi to try to get married after the SEA Games. Even if Thuy Vi wants to continue pursuing her career, I also want her children to get married so that their parents can worry less because they are old. I really want to have a son-in-law and grandchildren to carry.”

Athlete Duong Thuy Vi’s mother wants her children to get married after winning the gold medal

At first, when reporters asked for an interview, Ms. Nhan was shy. However, when she went into the story, Thuy Vi’s mother seemed to be pouring out her heart that she had not told anyone for a long time. With tears in her eyes, Thuy Vi’s mother said: “When I go to compete or practice away from home, I am very worried, very impatient. Achievement is wanted by everyone, but if unfortunately injured, getting it in the hand, in the eye is normal and unavoidable. There’s a Vi training session around China, the sword grazed the cheek, fortunately only the cheek, not the eye. At that time, he called to tell me, I was very worried. My knee is also very weak and painful. Every time I go home, it’s very hard, I get hot and cold water to soak my feet because I’m sick, I can’t take medicine because I’m afraid of getting doping, it’s very hard.”

“It’s only my child, I only have a daughter, what can’t happen… In the past, I sometimes said that it’s okay, baby, strive for a medal, then go to another job, get married for my mother. but mom is worried. In the past, when I gave birth to Vi, she was too small, only 2.3 kg. I thought I would let him practice martial arts to be healthy, but I didn’t expect him to shoot and become a career. Vi is very passionate, so I also let her follow me, but in fact, in the past, I was also afraid, because of my daughter, I still think about it. family story, give birth to offspring and things. As women, we always have to think about that,” Nhan confided.

With HCV in content female swordsmanship, Duong Thuy Vi has owned a total of 5 SEA Games gold medals in wushu. On May 14, this female athlete will continue to participate in 2 events: martial arts and boxing.

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