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The face of the murderer who robbed the property and then burned the body was revealed from the burn

Through the scene examination and autopsies, the investigating agency discovered that the victim died due to an external force on the head and died before the fire, plus information provided by the victim’s family was prior to the death of the victim. The victim wears gold when he dies, but when he dies, the gold is gone. Since then, the Investigation Police Agency of Kien Giang Province Police has determined that this is a case killing plunder the property and burn the dead body.

Determining that this is a particularly serious case, with the determination to quickly clarify the case and quickly catch the perpetrator, Colonel Diep Van The – Deputy Director of the Provincial Public Security, Head of the Police Investigation Agency. The Kien Giang Provincial Police Department has directed the Criminal Police force to coordinate with the Hon Dat District Police to quickly investigate and find the culprit.

From the burn, the murderer's face was revealed, who robbed the property and burned the body without evidence - Photo 1.

The killer Nguyen Van Nguyen.

Through launching the movement of all people to denounce crimes and screen people in the area, scouts discovered the number 1 suspect is Nguyen Van Nguyen (SN 1960), living in Group 8, My Thai hamlet, commune My Thai, Hon Dat district (Kien Giang).

According to the source, Nguyen is currently in debt to many people, but in just 1 day, he has the money to pay off the debt, plus there are many burns on Nguyen’s face and hands. When asked about these burns, Nguyen said it was caused by falling from the car and being crushed by the hood.

But with the experience of fighting crime, the scouts said that it is possible that the burns on Nguyen’s body were caused by the burning process of Mr. Sang’s body and house, and the debt payment was caused by robbing Mr. Sang’s property. which have; and Nguyen was the culprit in the murder of Mr. Sang and robbed the property.

After collecting enough evidence, the crime-solving force invited Nguyen to the police agency to fight. Initially, he always crookedly denied the crime. But with the evidence and sharp arguments of the investigator, Nguyen had to confess.

Nguyen confessed, about 2 years ago, Nguyen asked for the morning couple’s contribution of 6 million dong, but did not have the money to pay on time, so he and his wife used insulting words many times. Since then, Nguyen is resentful and intends to kill Sang for revenge.

Recently, Nguyen knew that Sang lived alone (due to separation from his wife), so at about 7:00 am on 3-5-2022, Nguyen invited Sang to drink wine at home. After they both drank for more than an hour, they took a break. Nguyen left home. At about 20 o’clock on the same day, Nguyen continued to call and invite him to drink morning. Morning agreed.

About 30 minutes later, Nguyen went to Sang’s house, found the front door locked inside, Nguyen entered the house through the back door and saw Sang sleeping on the bed. Nguyen took a hammer to hit Sang’s head once, saw that the victim raised his head but did not react, Nguyen continued to use a hammer to hit Sang’s head again, causing Sang’s death.

At this time, Nguyen took the victim’s hammer and 2 phones and threw them into the river, and at the same time removed a ring, a bangle and a gold chain that Sang was wearing. Because Nguyen’s clothes were stained with blood, he took them off and laid them on the bed, and then had the intention of burning the victim’s body to dispose of the funeral. But at this time, it was only about 20 o’clock, afraid that people would find out, so Nguyen left.

From the burn revealed the murderer's face, robbed the property and burned the body without evidence - Photo 3.

The Criminal Technical Police force examines the body.

At 23:00 on 4-5-2022, Nguyen returned to Sang’s house with the purpose of burning Sang’s house and body to dispose of the funeral. When entering the victim’s house through the back door, Nguyen took a can and then went to Sang’s motorbike, which was parked, drew about 2.5 liters of gasoline and poured it on Sang and around the house, then lit it on fire. Due to carelessness, Nguyen was burned by the fire to his face and right arm, then stripped off his clothes, threw them in the fire, and went home naked.

The next morning, Nguyen took the gold he had just robbed from Sang to a gold shop in Soc Son town (Hon Dat), sold 42.6 million VND and then paid off the debt. Nguyen then approached the scene to listen to the situation and saw many policemen and curious people. Knowing that the incident would be exposed, Nguyen was afraid of being discovered by the police, so Nguyen stayed at home and did not go anywhere until he was arrested.

After confessing to the crime, Nguyen said he did not expect that he would be discovered so quickly by the police. Nguyen is currently a member of the My Thai Commune Civil Defense Team. With this cover, Nguyen believes that no one will suspect that he is the culprit in a murder case.

Currently, the Investigation Police Agency of Kien Giang Province has prosecuted the case, prosecuted the accused, and ordered the arrest and detention of Nguyen Van Nguyen for murder and property robbery.

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