Apple is testing iPhone with USB

Apple introduced the Lightning port with the iPhone 5 in 2012 to replace the bulkier 30-pin port with a smaller, reversible plug. A decade later, Apple is still using the Lightning port for the iPhone 14 series when it launches later this fall.

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However, Apple has switched most of the iPad lineup from Lightning to USB-C, and MacBook computers have also used USB-C charging for more than 5 years. Apple even uses USB-C on all its device chargers, including the new iPhones.

Now, Bloomberg reports that while Apple is internally testing an iPhone with a USB-C replacement for Lightning, the change won’t come until next year. That means next year’s iPhone 15 series will come with a USB-C port and become the first iPhone with this feature.

The report cites pressure from regulators in Europe as the cause for Apple to test a standard used by other smartphone manufacturers. Besides, data transfer speed can also be a factor in this. Improvements to USB-C transfer speeds mean that Apple will reduce the engineering work that has been slow in keeping Lightning competitive from a performance perspective. Apple is rumored to increase data transfer speeds from Lightning to USB 3.0 starting with the iPhone 14 Pro this fall, but iPads using USB-C are said to have faster transfer speeds.

Bloomberg also mentions that Apple is developing a Lightning to USB-C adapter to ensure compatibility between connection types.

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