The higher the salary, the more people want to keep it a secret

On Zhihu, there was a comment that attracted a lot of sympathy: “Getting up early, coming home late, working all day, still can’t afford. Strength and exhaustion, relatives despised, friends shunned, lovers abandoned. I don’t know when I’ll be able to raise my head.” Money is not everything, but without money is nothing. Often people who do not earn much will comfort themselves that: “Why do other people have so much money? I just need enough to spend.” But in fact, most of us think that the more money the better, the better money spent.

My cousin earns 60,000 yuan/month (about 200 million dong), but no one knows about this except my mother. This year’s Lunar New Year, my cousin also shared with me that: “Your brother’s monthly salary is 60,000, but he dare not tell anyone.” I still don’t understand why, just know that it would be nice if other people knew about my cousin’s insanely high salary. While, some people often tease his mother that: “What about having a kid graduating from a famous school? His income is definitely not as high as yours.”

Psychologist Tu Lei once said: “No matter what we do, we have to leave a way out for ourselves, or else it will completely destroy our future.” As a human, you must leave yourself a way, otherwise, one day you will be cornered. Why doesn’t my cousin tell others about the salary of 60,000 yuan/month? Imagine, if my cousin told others about this, if one day his salary was reduced for some reason, the people around him would have a chance to laugh at him. There are unpredictable situations in this world, you never know what will happen. In life, there are many people waiting to laugh at your bad luck, they just want to see you fall instead of standing at the top of your career.

My cousin is a very careful person, because before his life was hard, although he attended a famous university, he rushed out of school to find a job instead of studying further. When I was very young, his parents passed away in an accident and he went back to live with my family. His mother and I used to be very close, but when we live in the same house, both he and I always feel uncomfortable. Even in his eyes, he was always an outsider even though my parents always treated both of us fairly.

Perhaps this is also the thought of most children who are raised in other people’s homes, because they are afraid that when they do something wrong, they will become a child without a home to return to. Therefore, my cousin formed this thought from a young age, grew up very cautiously, even if his salary was high, he did not tell anyone, for fear of causing trouble to others and himself.

Income 200 million VND/month but dare not tell anyone: The higher the salary, the more people want to keep it private - Photo 1.

In the past, my grandfather also had a pretty good salary, knew how to save money, so there was little money in the house and it was because of this that our family had conflicts with other people just because they wanted to borrow money. money, but we don’t think it will be returned so we refuse to lend. In this day and age, a person with a monthly salary of 60,000 yuan will certainly be an ideal source of loans for many less affluent relatives who have children of old age to get married. If others think you have money, then borrowing money will take it for granted.

A person who earns 60,000 yuan/month can be considered a very rich person in the eyes of others. Because an income of 60,000 yuan/month means hundreds of thousands of yuan in a year. So around him there will be a lot of people coming to borrow money. Of course, even if he said it was to save money, buy a house, buy a car, etc., other people wouldn’t believe it. They will call him a man with money but no affection. If you lend a loan, it will never be paid back. So better, my mother said not to tell anyone. If someone asks, please answer the salary enough to use, others will not ask for a loan anymore.

People have to learn how to treat people, sometimes there are things that can’t be said, which will bring trouble to themselves and others. Public income is the same, if you earn more, you should not mention it. The fewer sources of trouble, the better.–thang-nhung-khong-dam-noi-voi-ai-luong-cang-cao-nguoi-ta-lai-cang-muon-giu-kin -20220517002244968.chn

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