Clip: Wife and lover invite each other to beat the abusive husband

Two women who are said to be wives and mistresses decided to shake hands and “teach” the man.

Recently, MXH appeared a clip recording the scene of 2 women assault A man right in the middle of a crowded street attracts the attention of netizens. According to the person who uploaded the clip, the incident happened in China.

In the clip, the man in red pants is beaten by two women. These two women are said to be the wife and lover of the red pants uncle.

At this time, the woman in the blue shirt tried to pull the uncle back, onto the pillow. And the woman in black, holding a wooden chair, hit the uncle’s back and head.

The clip recorded the incident

Being shaken by two “loved people” and “taught”, the uncle tried to run away but was still caught. It seems that this is a rare case that the main house and “small tam” work together to handle the “common husband”.

After struggling for a while, the man lost his temper, hit one of the two women and then ran away. Lots of people watching the show affray but no one intervened, even many people were excited and used their phones to return.

The clip, after being posted on MXH, has received a lot of comments. Most people are happy with the ending that the promiscuous husband received.

According to Vietnamnet

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