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English teacher used a ruler to hit 19 students

BA Ria Vung TauMs. Nguyen Thi Kim Loan, English teacher at Quang Trung Secondary School, Chau Duc district, repeatedly hit a total of 19 9th graders.

On May 19, Mr. Le Thanh Kinh, Head of the Education and Training Department of Chau Duc District, asked the principal of Quang Trung Secondary School to organize a review and discipline Ms. Loan, and at the same time arrange another teacher to teach two classes. 9/3 and 9/4.

Previously, a social network account reflected that Ms. Loan repeatedly beat and insulted students in grade 9 during class hours, with a video of more than 10 seconds showing her using a ruler to hit a male student.

Working with Chau Duc District Department of Education and Training, Ms. Loan admitted that in many classes, she used a plastic ruler, nearly 50 cm long, to hit a total of 19 children of two 9th grade.

According to Mr. Kinh, Ms. Loan’s two classes taught a total of 67 students. In English, there are seven students below the average score, most of which are beaten by female teachers for refusing to study and practice words. “Before the 10th grade entrance exam, parents asked her to help, so when the incident happened they had no idea. Even the student who appeared in the video said that he did not listen to the lecture and was warned by her.” Mr. Kinh said.

However, according to him, whatever the purpose, “Miss Loan’s actions are offensive and against the principles of education”.

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