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Ha Lam is still doing this, Hai Trieu’s heart bleeds

Underground storm: Ha Lam character deserves hate for doing this

At the movie Underground storm, the character Ha Lam (Cao Thai Ha) is getting more and more hate. At this time, many viewers confirmed that she was completely blinded by money and material things. Not only that, viewers are also disappointed because Ha Lam goes on a mission but loves the object she approaches.

According to the film’s developments, Ha Lam was asked by the tycoon to soon complete the wedding with Hung. This made her feel very confused. In a panic, Ha Lam went back to Hai Trieu – with whom she was determined to break up, saying like cutting nails that we were just pieces of a puzzle – to ask for advice.

Underground storm: Cao Thai Ha also did something like

Ha Lam asked Trieu about marrying Hung while he still had feelings for her.

Obviously, Ha Lam did not put herself in Hai Trieu’s position. He still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend but has to give her marriage advice. Come to think of it, what could be more annoying than that?

More importantly, Ha Lam also gave the money he got from the boss to Hai Trieu and told him to take it and spend it. This action of hers also made many viewers feel disgruntled:

– I love Trieu so much. Lam also gave money to Trieu. Feeling like you’re being insulted

– It’s really funny the part “I have some, you take it and spend it”. Putting myself in the character of the movie is really spicy to think

– Naturally giving money to other people’s children, so ungrateful

-I don’t understand why Lam gave money to Trieu when it was all dirty money

– Lam doesn’t understand that you are not allowed to spend money of criminals?

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Underground storm

  • Detective, Criminal
  • 25 minutes
  • February 21, 2022
  • Monday to Friday – VTV1

Underground Storm tells the investigative journey of Captain Dao Hai Trieu (Ha Viet Dung) and scouts in the investigation of a transnational drug ring. Starting from the arrest of a large drug transport case on Mui Ngua pass, the truths about transnational criminal organizations have been gradually dismantled, revealing the true face of the mafia boss hidden in a business corporation. big economy.

Director: Dinh Thai Thuy

Actor: Ha Viet Dung, Cao Thai Ha, People’s Artist Tran Nhuong, Nguyen Hai chn

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