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Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese pledges to change Australia

Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese pledges to change Australia

Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese celebrates his victory with Australians – Photo: 9NEWS

Want to change the way politics works

In a speech on May 22, the new Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese emphasized the direction of policy change on climate change and the contribution of this country in related issues in the international arena.

“I want to change the country and change the way politics works,” Albanese was quoted as saying by 9news.

Mr. Albanese also said he wanted to unite Australia, believing that the people were looking for common interests, Sky News reported.

“I think people have been through enough division, what they look forward to is coming together as citizens of one country, and I will lead that path,” he said.

The new prime minister stressed that the Labor Party is ready to take on the role of governing and will be a good government. Mr Albanese said climate change would no longer be a controversial issue in Australia, according to ABC News.

“We have an opportunity to end the climate wars.”

During the election campaign, the Labor Party led by Mr Albanese made it clear that it wanted to tackle climate change, with an ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43 per cent by 2050.

At the same time, Labor also proposed setting up a Pacific defense school to train troops, a move to prepare for the risk of a Chinese military presence in the Solomon Islands nation, located at Australia’s gateway.

Mr. Sogavare congratulated Mr. Albanese and said bilateral relations between Solomon and Australia “still have a lot of work to do”, Reuters news agency reported on May 22.

In his statement, Mr Sogavare said Solomon remained Australia’s steadfast friend and chosen development partner.

The island nation appreciates (grateful) Australia’s financial, health and security support over the years, Mr Sogavare said.

Solomon and many countries congratulate

On May 22, the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands wrote to Mr. Albanese and assured him of raising the relationship between the two sides to a new level under the new Australian prime minister in power.

Before Australia’s election results, Solomon’s signing of a security treaty with China was a major issue in the campaign of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Mr. Albanese’s predecessor.

Australia and its Western allies fear the treaty could open a gateway for China’s military presence in the Pacific.

In addition to Solomon, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also said she had a phone conversation with the new Australian Prime Minister Albanese on May 22. The two sides will deepen relations with close friends in the Pacific, and strengthen interests around the world.

“Australia and New Zealand can achieve the best results when we work together,” she said.

Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama also congratulated the new Australian Prime Minister Albanese on Twitter. Among the pledges to support the Pacific, he said, none is more welcome than the plan to put climate first.

Mr Albanese will be sworn in as Australia’s 31st prime minister on May 23, along with four senior members of the party, while Australia is still counting votes.

The new Prime Minister will travel to Japan to attend the Diamond Quad summit on May 24 with US President Joe Biden and his Japanese and Indian counterparts.

Australia, US warn Solomon, China says it's Australia, US warn Solomon, China says it is ‘bullying’

TTO – Australia’s Prime Minister said that China’s establishment of a base in the Solomons would be a red line for this country, after the US also warned about China’s military presence there. The Chinese embassy in Solomon called the warning an act of bullying.

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