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To avoid marriage breakdown, wives should avoid the following:

Wives want perfect marriage, has the heart to preserve his life but makes some “fatal” mistakes. Many women don’t even know that their actions directly affect their marriage. In the end, when everything happened, it was too late for them to regret. Therefore, in marriage, women need to have their own secrets to keep happy or even “forbidden” behaviors to keep the couple warm.

Here are the “bullet points” about what smart women don’t do with their husbands. If they did that to him, there would be no turning back.

1. Try to solve the problem instead of her husband

Many women are always overly perfectionist. They worry about everything, her husband has financial or work problems, she also wants to solve it for him. In the long run, this action will make her husband become dependent, indecisive, not dare to accept or show little responsibility for his life.

Many women just because of too much concern, solve the problems of their husbands but become controlling him, do without talking to the husband. Your marriage has thus fallen into a dead end, the husband and wife quarreling with each other cannot be resolved.

In order to avoid marriage breakdown, wives should avoid


2. Give your husband gifts beyond his means

This case happens to rich wives, who have better earning ability than husbands. Many people are carefree in every action, thought, holiday or birthday giving their husband an extremely expensive gift.

They think that once they are husband and wife, this is normal. However, that will unintentionally make men feel pressured. Whether in love or married, being inferior in making money also makes men self-deprecating. Therefore, women should think carefully before deciding to give gifts because it is possible that just because of seemingly unrelated actions, the marriage can be broken.

3. Always be sophisticated, above her husband

Women often nag about many problems in life. It is worth mentioning that men are very afraid of those nagging words. Every time men make a mistake, they are very afraid of their wife using the sentence “I told you”, “I said I didn’t listen”… Those words will become an obsession with men because they are not subtle, provocative and extremely superior, showing themselves smarter than the opponent.

Every man wants to assert himself, women always want to appear above them, it’s really too wrong.

In order to avoid marriage breakdown, wives should avoid


4. Sacrifice yourself and your opinion for him

Their opinions create their own identity and personality. Many women are willing to change their views or personal identity just for the sake of love and to please their husbands. That in the long run will turn you into a dependent, opinionated, unattractive, less astute, and even whimsical.

Therefore, women need to maintain their own identity and individuality. In the long run, each woman’s sacrifice cannot be appreciated by men, but only contributes to your loss of self-confidence and gradually less attractiveness.

5. Show pity for your husband

Many women can fall in love and fall into a man’s arms when they are cared for and shared. But in fact, men are most afraid of pity from women. Men are extremely self-respecting and want to show off their strongest, most successful corners. Therefore, every pity that came from his wife hurt him more than anything.

If the man has not succeeded, encounters failure, women should skillfully become his companion, urging him, not to mention pessimistic things. Your pity will only make him more miserable, self-deprecating, the marriage soon comes to a dead end. 20220521190348102.chn

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