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US President: Monkeypox should be ‘everyone’s concern’

US President Joe Biden speaks before boarding a plane to Japan. (Photo: AP)

The World Health Organization has identified about 80 cases smallpox in monkeys globally and about 50 other suspected cases.

Previous cases of monkeypox have only been reported in people living or traveling in Central and West Africa.

A top doctor told Sky News that the UK will face a “significant increase” in cases over the next week, of which 20 have been confirmed so far.

Speaking in South Korea before boarding a plane to Japan, President Biden said US health officials were looking at possible treatments and vaccines.

“It’s something that everyone should be concerned about,” the US president said. “We’re working hard to determine what needs to be done and what vaccines, if any, might be available to treat the disease. It’s a concern in the sense that if it spreads, the disease will have consequences.” .

Monkeypox, which originates in primates and other wild animals, causes fever, body aches, chills and fatigue in most patients. People with severe illness may develop rashes and lesions on the face, hands, and other parts of the body.

New infections were reported across Europe and North America this weekend, while Israel recorded its first case on May 22.

US President: Monkeypox should be

A 7-year-old boy in the Congo has monkeypox. (Photo: WHO)

Professor David Heymann, an infectious disease expert at the World Health Organization, said, he believes monkey smallpox virus penetrated into the population through “sexual means”.

“What seems to be happening right now is that monkeypox has entered the population as a form of sex and is being spread as sexually transmitted infections, which amplifies transmission,” said Heymann. its spread throughout the world”.

UK HIV and Sexual Health Association president Dr Claire Dewsnap told Sky News she expected more cases of monkeypox to be identified across the UK in the next week.

A notable proportion of recent cases in the UK and Europe have been detected in gay and bisexual men, the UK Health Security Agency said.

In Spain, most of the 30 confirmed cases are linked to a sauna in Madrid.

To date, there have been no deaths from monkeypox.

Some healthcare workers have been vaccinated against smallpox, which may be effective against monkeypox, and many discussions are ongoing about vaccinating “potentially at-risk groups,” said Dr. Dewsnap. hidden”.

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