Laughing at a series of extremely salty comments BLV Ta Bien Cuong match U23 Vietnam

Ta Bien Cuong is really a salt barn in football commentary matches.

Although the victory of U23 Vietnam before the Thai opponent in the men’s football final Sea Games 31 Almost a day has passed, but fans of the sport of kings are still waiting for relevant information.

Recently, on a very crowded forum, members suddenly shared a series of salty comments from BLV Ta Bien Cuong after the brilliance of coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students at My Dinh Stadium last night.

Laughing at Ta Bien Cuong's series of super salty comments in the U23 Vietnam match-1

Reading these comments, many people joked that the king should give a gold medal to the male Broadcaster’s MC. Here are some of his funny “quotes” after last night’s match:

1. Tuan Tai created the runway and Nham Manh Dung immediately took off.

2. Tuan TAI… a really talented player.

3. At the beginning of the year, we gradually won, and today Nham bravely scored a goal. Destiny!

4. The Thai coach wears a BLACK shirt in the hope of bringing RED luck to his players, but sorry the RED color belongs to U23 Vietnam.

5. Thai… Has it all, but lacks the victory.

6. On crutches to the field… Oh that’s Le Van Xuan, the beauty of the SPRING bar.

7. Thailand U23 has only GOLD color, and the GOLD medal is ours.

8. Thailand has won the SEA Games four times, but Mr. Park said he has a passion for rewriting History books.

9. Yesterday was Like Having Uncle Ho On Great Victory Day, today will be the hit song Country Full Joy.

10. We won Thailand with the head of Nham Manh Dung. Therefore, it can be said that Mr. Park was a head ahead of Mr. Polking.

11. The European moment on the Southeast Asian turf.

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