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The mysterious female bodyguard of the King of Siam

According to Amusing Planet, a group of mysterious women skilled in martial arts and strong once existed in the Kingdom of Thailand (Siam). This group is the female bodyguard of the King of Siam. This family replaced 600 European mercenaries and Christian samurai armies in 1688.

These women were responsible for protecting the entire royal family and the royal area. Salmonson, author of The Encyclopedia of Amazonscalling them the best trained combat force in Siam.

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Called the Krome Klone, the group consisted of 400 women. They were divided into four battalions, each with 100 guards. Battalions are also captained by women. The transfer of power from one captain to another was made after a meticulous selection process under the direct supervision of King Chulalongkorn.

Each woman would enlist at the age of 13 and join the army at the age of 25. From there they became part of the royal guard. Upon entering the palace, the women had to take an oath of virginity.

This was a non-negotiable term of the job, unless, of course, the King liked any of the female guards. The prerequisite is that all candidates are healthy and beautiful, they will patrol in beautiful uniforms after being selected.

The Guards will wear a knee-length woolen cloak embroidered with gold and a gilded cape on their heads. Their weapon on State occasions is a spear, but they carry muskets and are also trained in the use of pistols. Their skills are special because they are trained in the grounds near the city twice a week.

The mysterious female bodyguard team of the King of Siam - Photo 2.

The mysterious female bodyguard team

The king and his brother oversaw the training of these women by visiting their training sessions once a month. The military organization of the battalion was perfect and impressive: The martyrs had a solemn funeral; Those who survived the defeat were sentenced to two months of fasting and prayer as a disciplinary measure.

The strength and structure of the battalion is also emulated in other areas of the army. In Burma, a similar bodyguard was established to protect the princes of the kingdom.

Many works have discussed the sheer abilities of these women over time. For example, the book The Romance of the Harem Anna Leonowens’ 1873 – although criticized for factual inaccuracies – described in great detail the activities of the captain, whom she referred to as Ma Ying Taphan or the Great Mother of War.

The King of Siam never goes anywhere without his Krome Klone. All female guards have only one purpose and mission: to protect. As a result, they were assigned 5 black women, each of whom was in charge of all the housework for them. Without any other duties, each person just focused on their own work. Krom Klone was dissolved in the 19th century only due to a dwindling number of recruits.

The archetype of the female bodyguard has been around for generations. As meaning and tradition were lost in translations, the importance of war women lost their intensity in historical records. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that female soldiers continue to exist and fulfill their duties with undisputed devotion.

Athena was the Greek goddess of war and wisdom; Vera Butcharev led the Russian Battalion of Death women during World War I. Thousands of women have made history with stories of courage and valor and continue to do so throughout the endless sublimation of time.

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