5 skincare mistakes that cause sagging skin and premature aging

This is also the mistake many women make when skincare causes the skin to form wrinkles and age quickly.

Steps skincare Daily is an important step to help provide nutrients, smooth skin and prevent aging. However, if not done properly, the skincare steps themselves will also be the culprits that make the skin aging without braking. Here are 5 basic mistakes that are easy to make when skincare causes sagging skin, wrinkles formation and rapid aging; You should be very careful to avoid making these mistakes.

5 mistakes when skincare makes skin sag and aging before age-1

1. Stretching skin when applying skincare products

Daily application of skincare products plays an extremely important role in both the effectiveness of the product as well as the firmness and suppleness of the skin. If you pay attention, you will see that at beauty spas, experts will apply skincare products very gently, from bottom to top, from inside to outside. The gentle application of products combined with massage movements will help stimulate blood circulation, ruddy skin, and easy absorption of nutrients from skincare products.

On the contrary, when taking care of the skin at home, many women often make the mistake of applying skincare products too harshly or accidentally applying them from top to bottom, which will make the nutrients unable to fully penetrate, and also increase the likelihood formation of wrinkles, causing sagging skin.

2. Abuse of makeup remover towels

Although very convenient, makeup remover towels are not really good products for the skin. When using a makeup remover, you will have to scrub a lot on the skin to be able to remove all stubborn makeup, and accidentally this will also form aging wrinkles on the skin. In addition, makeup remover towels are also difficult to clean all long-lasting makeup such as eyeliner, eyeliner, leading to makeup residue still accumulating on the skin, increasing the risk of acne formation, dull skin.

Instead of using a makeup remover towel, you can switch to using oil or makeup remover wax to deep clean makeup. Gentle massage when using oil / makeup remover also avoids sagging skin, stimulates blood circulation, minimizes signs of aging.

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3. Use acne patches

Acne patch is a quick solution to help you get rid of acne, sebum in the nose. However, acne patches with high adhesion can hurt this skin area, peeling and pulling movements also cause the skin to stretch, pores to enlarge, skin to sag and age faster. Instead of using acne patches, you can switch to exfoliating products containing AHA, BHA to help deep clean the skin from the inside without causing damage to the skin.

4. Waiting time is too long after washing face

There is a famous skin care rule of Korean girls: Apply skincare within 3 minutes after washing your face. This is because, after washing the face, the skin is quite soft and hydrated, even the outer stratum corneum of the skin is softer. If you apply nourishing products such as serums, creams right at this time, the nutrients will be able to penetrate faster.

On the contrary, if you wait too long after washing your face, the steam has evaporated somewhat, the skin becomes dry and difficult to absorb nutrients. In addition, because the skin is dry, you will need to apply more force when applying the moisturizer, which also inadvertently causes the skin to sag and easily form wrinkles.

5 skincare mistakes that cause sagging and aging skin before age-3

5. Exfoliate too much

Regular exfoliation will help remove the outer layer of dead cells, making the skin soft and easy to absorb nutrients. However, if you abuse too much exfoliation, it will destroy the outer protective layer of the skin, making the skin more sensitive and aging faster. Therefore, you should limit exfoliation to 1-2 times a week only. Also, don’t forget to moisturize after exfoliating to help soothe the skin.

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