VNG Cloud solves security problems for digital transformation businesses

Many shared security solutions

On May 20, the event “Cloud platform security – business promotion” organized by VNG Cloud, was honored to receive the participation of the Ministry of Information and Communications, leading technology experts. Vietnam with nearly 100 businesses from the fields of finance and banking, television, logistics, manufacturing and retail. Thereby, security issues in the digital transformation process are presented from many angles, showing that cloud computing providers are always striving to provide top reliable security services for businesses. Vietnamese.

Dang The Tai, CEO of VNG Cloud, shared: “Currently, we are serving large enterprises with strict security requirements in areas such as finance – banking, mobile payment applications. In addition, we also have 2 large data centers that meet TIER III UPTIME standards and are certified for information security standards such as PCI DSS payment security certificate. cloud security services for businesses in the most secure way.”

VNG Cloud solves security problems for digital transformation businesses - Photo 1.

Mr. Dang The Tai, CEO of VNG Cloud shared the development orientation of security services of VNG Cloud in the near future (Photo: VNG Cloud)

Attending the event as Deputy Manager of Solution Consulting Department of VNG Cloud, Mr. Vu Pham outlined a strategy and roadmap for cloud security in line with the characteristics of Vietnamese businesses, contributing to support Enterprises take advantage and combine the preeminent advantages of domestic and foreign cloud infrastructure. Thereby, promoting more efficient business operations.

In the same spirit, Mr. Huy Tran – Amazon Web Services (AWS) Senior Solution Architect in Vietnam shared methods to tighten security on the public cloud environment (Public Cloud) to help businesses The enterprise ensures maximum information security when using the same data system. AWS is one of the major technology partners of VNG Cloud with the combination of bringing many outstanding solutions, including the integration of infrastructure connection directly from the VNG Cloud to the AWS cloud, increasing the Multi-use benefits for customers.

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At the event, technology experts discussed and proposed comprehensive security solutions in the cloud (Photo: VNG Cloud)

In addition, the general picture of complexity and security management solutions for businesses oriented to use multi-cloud platforms (Multi Cloud) became clearer thanks to the sharing from Mr. Trieu – Security solution consultant at Check Point Vietnam – is also a technology partner of VNG Cloud. Thereby, businesses can maximize the benefits of using as well as improve security and better manage risks when the Multi Cloud trend grows stronger and stronger.

Not only helping businesses plan a strategy to build cloud infrastructure in line with the business development roadmap, the event “Security of the cloud platform – promoting business” also marks a new step of VNG Cloud in the future. market expansion in the North, step by step affirming the capacity of the leading cloud computing provider in Vietnam, ready to serve 50,000 businesses in the next 3 years.

Great deals for customers using services from VNG Cloud

The event also brings a special promotion program for digital transformation businesses. Accordingly, businesses will have 1 month of free experience of all services on the AWS cloud or 2 months of free use of Check Point’s Cloud Security solutions on the Public Cloud. During 2 months of using Check Point’s Cloud Security service, if customers use Check Point service on VNG Cloud infrastructure, they will be given 5 million when experiencing vServer service, 30GB experiencing vMonitor Log service and 1 million VND vMonitor Metric service. In particular, with contract services (when buying vServer, vStorage services) with a minimum of 6 months commitment, you will receive a 50% discount on the Check Point security package.

VNG Cloud solves security problems for digital transformation businesses - Photo 3.

Comprehensive security solutions on the cloud platform were consulted by VNG Cloud experts during the event (Photo: VNG Cloud)

The process of building digital infrastructure based on the cloud VNG Cloud not only makes it easy for businesses to scale according to each business stage, but also allows paying in actual use, easily deploying models. A new “digitized” business model and the application of advanced technologies such as AI, IOT, Machine Learning, etc. Typically, with vServer infrastructure, it will meet the needs of transformation from traditional servers (on-premises). ) to the Cloud for every business; respond to rapid changes in user traffic through virtual server scaling (Auto-Scaling); provide operability, scalability, fault tolerance, and security for the application with Load Balancing; at the same time allowing Pay-as-you-go, only paying for the infrastructure for the actual usage of the business. Together with deploying resource monitoring solutions on vMonitor Platform, it will help businesses easily manage comprehensive data and promptly handle problems that occur during operation.

With an outstanding capacity foundation, VNG Cloud’s services are also developed by a team of experienced technology experts who understand the specific problems of Vietnamese businesses, confidently accompanying businesses to accelerate. in the race to digitally transform safely and effectively.


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