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Excited to get a rich husband, I cried on the wedding night

I gave up my ex to pursue my dream of marrying a rich man. Suddenly wedding night I cried silently because of my husband’s secret.

Before marrying Hieu, I had a first love that lasted for 4 years. During that time, my ex and I went through a lot of ups and downs together. I thought I would definitely get married in the future, but it was I who turned the corner. Because after 2 years of graduation, he still has nothing in his hand. Moreover, he often drinks.

Because I feel that he works hard, but his monthly salary is tens of millions. Meanwhile, he often drinks, is not a man with a strong will, I am afraid that when we get married, we will not have enough to eat, and then the children are small… so when his family urged him to get married, Time and time again I find excuses to procrastinate.

Pursuing her dream of marrying a rich man, on the wedding night she cried silently because of her husband's secret - Photo 1.

Wedding night, I am extremely nervous. No wonder… Illustration

And then, tears overflowed when his mother was hospitalized. He could not afford the hospital money to advance treatment. Out of frustration, I decided to part ways. Although I still love, but I decided to give up and after nearly a year I can forget.

From there, I changed myself. I am interested in beauty care, buy expensive fashion clothes to make myself happier and also hope to find a boyfriend with conditions.

Finally, I met Minh who is working at a real estate company. After a while, I knew he was the son of a family running a hotel chain on the street. His house is very good. I had the opportunity to approach and gradually caught Minh’s eye.

Minh took me to luxurious places that I have never been to. Not only that, the valuable gifts he gave me also made me dream more and more about the day when I would become a daughter-in-law of a rich family.

Unlike other men, many times going out late at night have to stay in the hotel. However, Minh always told me he wanted to keep me coming wedding night. Hearing this sentence of my lover, I love him even more and believe that he will definitely be a good husband.

Finally, after 6 months of dating, we got married. Many people wonder why I got married in such a hurry. Even my parents thought I couldn’t change quickly while my love for my ex was still deep.

On my wedding day, I was very happy because I officially entered the noble house. There were a lot of guests that day.

That day, Minh’s friends came and sat for a long time, so he didn’t come in until later.

When he entered the wedding room, he immediately hugged me when he saw me. He told me he had something to say. I panicked until he leaned in to my ear and whispered a sentence that made my face turn pale.

He told me the couple checked the envelope. After receiving a large amount of money from the welcome money along with the amount of gold from parents, siblings on both sides gave it. He told me to lend him the money to pay off the debt. The amount of money that he broke, his parents did not know.

“Two more days and it’s due to pay, if they don’t pay, they will make a big deal to their parents. If parents find out about it, from now on, I will have nothing, the house will not be named. I promise to borrow this money and gold and pay you back soon,” he said.

I never expected that the rich husband would be so heavily in debt just because he wanted to gamble. Once my husband’s parents know that he is gambling again, they will cut everything. What should I do now?.

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