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Ngoc Huyen ‘Loves a sunny day’ is confused when playing the role of a bad girl for the first time

The actress, born in 1999, had a hard time when the character Van in “Thuong on a sunny day” had to turn into a bad girl and quarrel with her senior Doan Quoc Dam.

Love the sunny day is the first film of mystical gemStudent at University of Fine Arts. In the film, she plays the role of Van – the youngest sister in Mrs. Nga’s house selling vermicelli noodles. In episode 24 part 2 Love the sunny day On the evening of May 25, Van and Phong will play the role of a loving couple, pretending to quarrel just because of the girl’s dress so that Van can approach Thuong’s lover to find evidence to prove Khanh’s innocence.

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The actress held her head because the dialogue was not finished.

Ngoc Huyen transformed the character Van – who was a simple art student, into a playboy, terrible, ready to break up with her boyfriend just because she grumbled about her revealing clothes. Not only changing the form, Ngoc Huyen also had to talk unpleasant sentences with senior Doan Quoc Dam. Although the line was short, she had to act it over and over again to complete it.

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Scenes from the movie.

In recent episodes, Phong and Van’s character lines are built in the direction that Phong begins to have feelings for Van. Besides Duy – Trang couple, Phong – Van is a couple that creates cheerful and lovely colors for the film, which is heavy with too many tragedies related to Khanh’s character. In the program Meet the TV actor 2022Huyen Lizzie said she believes Phong – Van will become the most beautiful couple on Vietnamese television.

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Ngoc Huyen with Doan Quoc Dam and Dinh Tu behind the scenes of a movie scene.

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