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10 foods with good glycemic index for liver

Berries, grapefruit, nuts, olive oil… have medium and low glycemic index; Rich in antioxidants, omega fats reduce the risk of hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Liver disease, especially fatty liver, is often related to the glycemic index. The Glycemic Index (GI) provides information about how quickly the body converts the carbs in food into glucose. Two foods with the same amount of carbs can have different glycemic indexes. According to research from Boston Hospital (USA), foods with high GI can create an unhealthy environment for the liver. This is the cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

According to research published in the journal ObesityHigh GI foods may increase the risk of fatty liver disease. The mechanism of disease is due to increased insulin secretion causing accumulation of stored energy (glycogen) in the liver.

In addition to fatty liver, foods with a high glycemic index can increase the risk of hepatitis and cirrhosis. Therefore, liver disease patients should abstain from this food group in their daily meals. The lower the GI, the less the food affects blood sugar. A GI less than 55 is a low glycemic index (good), between 55-69 is moderate, a GI greater than 70 is a high glycemic index, not good for health.

The menu of liver disease patients should be closely monitored to control and prevent the amount of fat in the liver. Here are some low, medium glycemic index foods and drinks that are good for the liver.

The coffee

Coffee has a GI index of 0. Drinking coffee reduces the risk of cirrhosis, permanent liver damage in people with chronic liver disease. This drink also reduces the risk of developing liver disease, liver cancer, fatty liver. Compounds in coffee contribute to helping liver enzymes remove carcinogens from the body. However, you should only drink one cup of coffee in the morning.

Drinking the right amount of coffee reduces the risk of developing liver disease.  Photo: Shutterstock

Drinking the right amount of coffee reduces the risk of developing liver disease. Image: Shutterstock


Oatmeal has a GI of 58. The fiber found in oats is beneficial for the liver. Oats contain many beta-glucans compounds, which contribute to regulating the immune system, fighting inflammation and preventing diabetes and obesity. This compound helps to reduce the amount of fat stored in the liver. When using oats, you should choose the whole type.


Green tea is a liver-cooling drink that many people use every day and has a GI of 0. This drink contains many antioxidants, reduces fat content and prevents fatty liver from alcohol. In addition to cooling the liver, green tea also helps reduce stress and lose weight. When using green tea, you should choose the pure type. Because prepackaged varieties may have some ingredients that are not good for the liver.

Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea has a GI index of 0. This tea has the effect of reducing the level of paracetamol hepatotoxicity parameters, specifically reducing the harmful effects of paracetamol on the liver. This drink helps detoxify, cool the liver, prevent stomach spasms and reduce gastric mucosal erosion.

You should drink chamomile tea about 30 minutes after a meal to stimulate digestion, reduce symptoms of bloating and indigestion. However, patients should note not to drink near bedtime in the evening because this drink can make it difficult to sleep. When used during the day, you should only drink 1-2 cups of tea per day.


Berries are very good for liver health, especially the ability to cool the liver and detoxify, with a GI index of 22. Fruits such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries… cool the liver , contribute to protect the liver from damage. In particular, blueberries also enhance cellular immune responses and antioxidant enzymes, thereby slowing the development of damage and fibrosis, the development of scar tissue in the liver.

Blueberries, red raspberries, and blackberries provide many vitamins and minerals.  Photo: Shutterstock

Blueberries, red raspberries, and blackberries provide many vitamins and minerals. Image: Shutterstock


The two antioxidants in grapefruit, naringenin and naringin, contribute to protecting the liver and reducing the development of cirrhosis. Naringenin can reduce the amount of fat in the liver and increase the amount of enzymes needed to burn fat, preventing excess fat from accumulating in the liver. While, naringin improves the ability to metabolize alcohol and counteracts the negative effects of alcohol on the liver.

This fruit has a GI of 25.

Fatty fish

The GI of fatty fish depends on the type. Fatty fish is a food rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are healthy fats, which help reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease. This type of fat is very good for the liver because it can prevent the accumulation of excess fat, keep enzyme levels stable, improve insulin resistance and fight inflammation.


The GI of nuts ranges from 0-22 (depending on type). Nuts are high in fat, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Regular intake of this fruit can improve liver enzyme levels in people with fatty liver disease. However, you should not eat too much because this type of activity is high in calories.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains healthy fats, has a GI of 0, brings many benefits to health, especially liver and heart. Regular olive oil supplementation helps the body to accumulate less fat in the liver, improves insulin sensitivity, improves liver enzyme levels in the blood.

Olive oil is rich in omega fats that are good for the liver.  Photo: Shuttertock.

Olive oil is rich in omega fats that are good for the liver. Image: Shutterstock.


Garlic is very good for the liver, especially people with fatty liver disease with a GI index of 15. Eating garlic can reduce body weight and fat content in fatty liver patients.

To avoid the risk of liver disease, you should maintain a healthy diet, limiting foods with a high GI. This will help limit the overload in the liver, reducing the risk of serious liver diseases.

Anh Dai
(According to Medical Newstoday, Web MD)

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