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Many subjects are supported with 2%/year interest rate

That is the information given at the Online Conference of the whole banking industry to deploy the 2% interest rate support program from the state budget of VND 40,000 billion according to Decree 31/2022 of the Government and Circular 03/2022. of the State Bank (SBV) took place on May 27. The program aims to contribute to supporting the business community, cooperatives and business households to overcome post-Covid-19 difficulties, promoting economic recovery.

This is the policy interest rate support The first is to use the large-scale state budget deployed through the commercial banking system.

The 2% interest rate support policy is an additional solution, and in the coming time, it will go hand in hand with the solutions that the banking industry has been, is and will be implementing (including the 2% interest rate support policy). through the Bank for Social Policies – VBSP) to create more favorable conditions for people and businesses in accessing capital at low cost, taking advantage of opportunities to develop production and business activities in the current situation. new model, contributing to stimulating both the supply and demand sides, creating a foundation for strong economic growth in a more sustainable direction.

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The State Bank requires units in the industry to urgently implement tasks to ensure the implementation of interest rate support in accordance with regulations, for the right subjects, and for the right purposes; prevent mistakes, risks, and profiteering policies.

At the same time, the SBV will use management tools, strengthen inspection and supervision, and coordinate with ministries, sectors and local authorities to effectively implement the interest rate support program.

Subjects receiving interest rate support: Are enterprises, cooperatives, business households with the purpose of using loans in one of the following industries: aviation, transportation, warehousing, tourism, accommodation services, food and beverage, education and training, agriculture, and agriculture. , forestry and fishery, processing industry, manufacturing, software publishing, computer programming and related activities, information service activities; including construction activities directly serving the above-mentioned economic sectors but excluding construction activities for real estate business purposes specified in economic sector code (L) under Decision No. 27/ 2018/QD-TTg; to implement projects on construction of social housing, housing for workers, renovating old apartment buildings on the list of projects compiled and announced by the Ministry of Construction.

Conditions for interest support: Customers have requested interest rate support, meet loan conditions according to regulations on lending activities of credit institutions, foreign bank branches. This is a loan in Vietnam Dong, signed a loan agreement and disbursed from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023, using the capital for the right purposes according to the above regulations, not yet receiving interest rate support. from the state budget according to other policies; stipulate 2 cases where the loan is not eligible for further interest rate support (in Clause 3, Article 4 of Decree No. 31).

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Standing Deputy Governor of the State Bank Dao Minh Tu chaired the Conference

Support term and interest rate: The interest rate support period is from the date of loan disbursement to the time when the customer pays off the loan principal and/or interest as agreed between the commercial bank and the customer, in line with the funding source for interest support. rates announced, but not exceeding 31 December 2023; (ii) The support interest rate for customers is 2%/year, calculated on the loan balance and the actual interest rate support loan term is within the period specified in the Decree.

Methods of interest support: By the time of repayment of each interest payment term, the commercial bank shall reduce the amount of loan interest payable to the customer by the amount of loan interest eligible for interest rate support in the period according to the guidance of the State Bank of Vietnam. Male. Based on the results of the bank’s interest rate support for customers, the state budget will pay the interest rate support amount to the banks.

In order to organize the implementation of policies quickly and conveniently for both customers and banks, in accordance with the objectives and subjects required by the National Assembly and the Government, the Decree also stipulates a number of contents on the principles of support. interest rate subsidies; dossiers, processes and procedures for making estimates, making estimates and finalizing interest rate support (between the state budget and the bank); responsibilities of ministries, branches, People’s Committees of provinces and cities, banks and customers.

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