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Questions to ask when investing in real estate around Hanoi

Local planning and urbanism, the fluctuation of real estate prices, the appearance of large developers…, are things that investors should pay attention to.

Information on local planning like?

Infrastructure and urban planning is the first factor to study when entering a market, because this not only shows how the infrastructure here will change but also determines the supply – demand in the market. schools, local investment capital…

Movements in many markets show that planning information has a significant impact on increasing the price of land and real estate products. According to a report by the Vietnam Association of Realtors (VARS), in the first months of the year, many provinces and cities recorded local land fever, especially virtual fever in some localities with planning information. infrastructure such as airports, industrial parks, roads and bridges… For example, after Thanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee released a roadmap to merge Dong Son district into Thanh Hoa city, it will be completed around the second quarter of 2023, land price There is an increasing trend here. Many street frontage lots are even for sale at a price of nearly 30 million VND per square meter.

The Vhome platform organizes eConference to invest in real estate in provinces and cities, and sells tickets at a discount of 31% for buyers of a package of 4 markets: Hung Yen, Bac Giang, Hoa Binh, and Thanh Hoa.

People who are interested in real estate topics in the provinces, how to avoid price fever traps, investment lessons… learn about the program here.

In fact, there are many cases where investors buy planning land because they don’t learn carefully, leading to great financial risks. Suppose, the purpose of the buyer of land is for long-term settlement, but the land is in the planning for the construction of roads, or the types of planning that cannot be built for housing, should not be purchased because it may be acquired.. .

What is the upside potential of the area?

One of the important questions that investors need to pay attention to when investing in the provinces near Hanoi is whether the value of real estate in that area still has the potential to increase in price? At what point should you take profits?

According to Mr. Pham Duc Toan – General Director of EZ Property, one of the mistakes that causes investors to fail and fail to protect their results is to try to wait for real estate values ​​to continue to increase but the market goes down. “can’t turn back in time”. Or, an investor who has just sold a product buys another similar product at a higher price, but “runs out”.

Therefore, it is very important for investors to master the information about the price level and evaluate the potential for real estate to increase or not. This information can be shared by market research experts, experienced investors. Many investors who have been in the market for more than 10 years said that they mostly succeed in deals because they spend a lot of time surveying market prices.

Which major investors are present here?

Besides the question of planning, price fluctuations, the arrival or departure of a large corporation or investor can have positive and negative impacts on the economic situation, determine capital flows, the number of houses. invest in that market in the future.

At times when large investors deploy new subdivisions or utility items, the price of urban products not only increases, but the land price level of neighboring areas also increases.

Notable market developments

One criterion that investors should learn is information on market movements. Has that market had any bull cycles? What is the price range? Is real estate being inflated or not? Are the ongoing transactions real or virtual? Is the actual liquidity good or is it being faked by a group of investors and inflated prices?

These will also be the questions that will be answered by the speakers during the program eConference “Searching for the golden land” in June, by Vhome – a real estate data and information channel developed by VnExpress organization. The June program will give investors a detailed overview of the markets of Hung Yen (June 3), Bac Giang (June 10), Hoa Binh (June 17) and Thanh Hoa (June 24). /6).

The speakers will participate in sharing in the real estate eBox in June. Photo: Vhome

The speakers will participate in sharing in the real estate eBox in June. Photo: Vhome

The speakers participating in the program are experts with real combat experience such as Mr. Pham Duc Toan – General Director of EZ Property, Mr. Do Quy Duy – Sales Director of Hai Phat Real Estate Group, Mr. Le Dinh Chung – Deputy General Director of Hai Phat Land Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company and Mr. Luu Thanh Tuan – Deputy General Director of Saco Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Sacoland).

Hoai Phong

Readers who want to ask questions and get answers directly from experts can buy tickets here.
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