Thuy Bi: I didn’t receive any messages or calls from the school

Singer Thuy Bi confirmed that she had never received a phone call from ISHCMC-AA, much less the fact that she hung up the phone 3 times and did not listen.

Regarding the singer incident Thuy Bi accused her daughter of being brutally abused by her classmates at school, on May 28, sharing with CountryMr. Nathan Swenson, Principal of International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC-AA) said that there was an incident of a group of students arguing that happened on the afternoon of May 26 but took place “outside the school campus”.

Mr. Nathan Swenson said a total of 4 students in the fight, all have been asked to return to school for medical check-ups.

Although the students have scratches and scrapes on their bodies, their health is stable and there are no serious problems. After that, all 4 students were invited to the Principal’s office to clarify the incident and the cause.

To solve the incident, the school asked to extract all the security cameras inside and outside the school to find out the full picture of what happened. The school is also working with the local police on this matter.

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Singer Thuy Bi confronts her teacher at her daughter’s school

In addition, the school’s leader also added that, after extracting the camera, the school and 10 students reviewed the happenings in the video.

At the same time, the school and the ward police compared the two families’ reports with the video. Thereby, there is a report that matches what this leader shared as well as in the camera video.

The other report is reported by the parent who did the livestream, the content completely does not match the video. For that reason, this parent’s livestream is incorrect and should not appear on social networks.

This will affect the students. ISHCMC is ready to provide camera footage related to this incident to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training as well as the police agency upon request”, Dan Viet quoted school leaders information.

Notes of Vietnamese peopleRegarding the handling of students in the incident, the school leader said that they would temporarily suspend 4 children. In which, 2 children (directly clashing) will be suspended for 3 days, 1 child will be suspended for 2 days and 1 will be suspended for 1 day.

“For parents, the school said it contacted them on the afternoon of May 27. However, the parent who livestreamed on social media did not answer the phone and pressed shutdown 3 times, the school sent an email.

Another parent declined the appointment. The other two parents, one agreed to meet the school next Monday, and the other agreed to meet on Tuesday. said the school leader.

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The picture posted with the latest sharing of female singer Thuy Bi confirmed that she has not received any calls from the school

However, on the evening of May 29, on the personal page of singer Thuy Bi, there was an article claiming that she had never received a phone call from the school after the incident.

“I have never received any phone calls from the school in good faith to meet Parents to handle the noise during the past few days…

Firstly, I didn’t receive any email, text or phone (the school said to call 3 times but I hung up) but this is absolutely not true! And if in case you can’t call me, you can still call Grandma…

Second, the school said to suspend my children from school for 4 days. While this incident I was never informed in writing or met in person…

Indeed, today will probably be the first night my mother and I can sleep well after the recent traumatic events!

Now is the time for my family to fully trust the resolution from the authorities and wait for the results from the authorities. Until the agency makes an official conclusion about my daughter’s case,” Thuy wrote.

Because of the great heat, the incident became the focus of public attention. Besides supporters, there are also some people who think that the female singer makes a big deal to “fawn money”. Responding to many conflicting opinions, facing the noise from the public as well as false rumors, she bluntly confided:

“Get some sleep! Waking up to be a dark person…

Once again I would like to confirm that I am outside and not involved in any of the conspiracy theories that many of you deliberately label me…

What I need is not money, not justice, what I need is for my child to be safe at school and the school’s culture of accountability to those who have hurt my child and your friends. its! Because you deserve to live and study safely and happily!

Ask questions about the upbringing environment and the behavior of the person who gave birth to her when she used violence against her friends and was still covered… A culture of admitting fault and seeing what was wrong is essential. necessary so that mistakes are not repeated.

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Thuy Bi spoke up when she received false rumors

If similar incidents occur, the school will continue to stay out of the child’s violent behavior. And parents continue to promote, not analyze right and wrong for their child’s violent behavior towards you, the next victim will not only stop at my child but can be your own children – who are read this post…

What I want most here is a fair recognition of the responsible adult culture! The right way of education and upbringing of the family, school and society”.

Currently, all information related to the case is still receiving great public attention.

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