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“Great way” to convince employees to join voluntary social insurance in Phu Ninh

In the process of processing the application for a one-time social insurance benefit in Phu Ninh, there are many documents that have come to the stage of signing, but the social insurance agency has not signed it right away, but calls for advice and gives them time to rethink and operate. encourage them to participate in voluntary social insurance to avoid disadvantage.

There are even cases when submitting to sign for the third time, but the district social insurance leader “resolutely” does not sign and then directly calls for advice.

Campaigning “too three to three busy” for people to participate in voluntary social insurance

Mr. Pham Van Ha (born in 1959 in zone 1, Tien Du commune, Phu Ninh district, Phu Tho) has worked for 8 years and 1 month as a part-time officer of the People’s Committee of Tien Du commune, paid compulsory social insurance.

In April 2020, he quit his job, in April 2021, he went to the social insurance agency to request a one-time social insurance regime. The district social insurance officer did not immediately process the application as prescribed, but took the time to contact and explain to Mr. Ha to understand more about the benefits of continuing to participate in social insurance.

Mr. Ha is known that if he continues to participate in voluntary social insurance until he has completed 10 years of paying social insurance, then pays once for the missing years to enjoy the retirement regime, which will ensure his old age.

Mr. Ha brought home the file “thinking”. However, in October 2021, he continued to apply for a one-time social insurance benefit. He said that the reason for not continuing to pay social insurance premiums was because he waited for the addition of his working time in the police force to have enough time to enjoy his pension.

Voluntary social insurance - Photo 1.

Mr. Ha and his wife excitedly agreed not to withdraw one-time social insurance and participate in voluntary social insurance. Pictures of Women

Mr. Ha said that he worked in the police department in Son La before 1993, but because he lost all his papers and could not get them back, he traveled many times, so he was discouraged, now he only wants to withdraw his social insurance once.

Realizing that his problems stemmed from his concern about his time in the police force, the district social insurance officer encouraged him and asked him to find out if he still had any original papers. Fortunately, he was able to copy the party membership record.

In the party member’s biography shown after serving, he was admitted to the payroll of a state agency and enjoyed the regime when he quit before 1995. Thus, he was not subject to the addition of working time. .

After listening to the explanation, Mr. Ha no longer worried about his previous time as a police officer. However, he has not yet decided to pay voluntary social insurance to enjoy pension because of his advanced age.

On 11/11/2021, the leader of the district social insurance agency brought the decision on receiving the one-time social insurance allowance (not signed) to Mr. Ha’s house to meet his family. The social insurance officer also invited Ms. Hoang Thi Tam (same area as Mr. Ha) who is the first case of voluntary social insurance pension in Phu Tho province to accompany her.

At this meeting, the district social insurance officer continued to persuade Mr. Ha to join voluntary social insurance and not withdraw one-time social insurance. In the end, Mr. Ha decided to change his mind.

Mr. Ha agreed to pay 12 months of voluntary social insurance, waiting for 10 years to pay once for the missing years. Thus, by persevering and persuading, not giving up halfway, the social insurance officer of Phu Ninh district was able to keep one person from leaving the safety net.

If from the beginning, Mr. Ha brought a dossier to apply for a one-time social insurance withdrawal, and the social insurance officer only followed the principle, the social insurance safety net lost 1 participant and Mr. Ha would no longer have the opportunity to receive a pension. enjoy old age.

3 times applying for social insurance payment 1 time failed, pay 80 million voluntary social insurance to receive pension

Another case that social insurance officials of Phu Ninh district have successfully persevered in is Ms. Khuat Thi Anh Van (born in 1962 in area 12, Phu Ninh commune, Phu Ninh district, Phu Tho province).

Ms. Van has 9 years and 9 months working at a foreign enterprise in Phu Ninh district. In December 2020, Ms. Van quit her job due to the company’s dissolution. Due to her age, she could not apply to work at other companies.

After taking a leave of absence from enjoying unemployment insurance, Ms. Van applied to the social insurance agency of Phu Ninh district to request a one-time social insurance settlement.

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The social insurance officer of Phu Ninh district went to the fields to propagate to farmers about the policy of voluntary social insurance and health insurance. Pictures of Women

Only in the beginning of December 2021, Ms. Van submitted her application 3 times and all 3 times the social insurance agency called to convince her not to pay the one-time social insurance allowance. Every time she gave the reason: because of her advanced age, she could not apply for a job to participate in social insurance, and at home, she did not have money to pay voluntary social insurance.

For these reasons, the social insurance agency persuaded Ms. Van to temporarily stop paying the one-time social insurance payment to think. For the third time, she continued to submit an application for a one-time payment of social insurance, this time the social insurance agency invited Ms. Van to work to hear her thoughts.

Ms. Van shared, she heard people say that if you don’t pay social insurance once right away, the law will change, then it’s very bad. Someone else can say: “Spend a bunch of money to know how much you can enjoy, you won’t live long but lose it all”.

Hearing these concerns of Ms. Van, the social insurance officer explained step by step and gave specific advice so that she could believe in the sustainability of the social insurance policy. The social insurance officer also calculated for Ms. Van the voluntary social insurance payment plan, the total amount of money to be paid and the total benefits to be enjoyed so that Ms. Van understood that if she withdrew the social insurance once, she would be disadvantaged, but her old age would be unstable.

After listening to the analysis, Ms. Van decided to withdraw her application for not receiving social insurance benefits again but to continue participating in voluntary social insurance. With the 3-month payment method from December 2021 to February 2022, full 10 years of participating in social insurance, in March 2022, Ms. Van paid once for the remaining 10 years with a total amount of 79,148,000 VND and received a salary. Retired from April 2022.

Now every time she meets a social insurance officer, Ms. Van is excited and thankful for her resolute refusal to withdraw her one-time social insurance. Otherwise, she would not have been able to enjoy her pension at this time.

Thus, in fact, many employees do not have enough confidence in the social insurance policy or do not have a thorough understanding of the policy, so they have withdrawn their social insurance once, missing the opportunity to enjoy their pension.

Especially for young workers who have not thought about the future, mobilizing them is very difficult. As for the elderly, who have problems, persuading them must be persistent and find out the reasons why they refuse their rights.

To do the above, it is required that propaganda officers have analytical skills, a deep understanding of both policy and business operations, and card book operations to be able to combine and persuade people to change their mind. me.

Many employees, after being delayed in withdrawing social insurance once and for many times and turning to participate in voluntary social insurance, not only are not upset, but also thank the social insurance staff for their perseverance and patience in persuading them not to lose their rights. its sustainable benefits.

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